Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well ya can't say I didn't warn you!
Something new for Spring for Frames of Infinity, and of course, I have to try it out first on my monkeys!! They had so much fun playing in the "mud" too bad it wasn't just a little bit warmer, and they could have played in it for hours. Fionn started it off with just him, he has "special" mud, and then we let Maggie join him. He dumped out his "special" mud and only wanted hers from that point on! I'm not sure which one had more fun! What a great way to start spring!

Here are a couple more for you, i can't decide which are my favorites! How about you, which are your favorites? I'm looking for feedback here folks, cause I'd really like to offer this as a spring/summer special for all my clients! Let me know what you think!

more fun from this week tomorrow!

Update on the Easter Egg:
GREG put that darn blue egg there, and NO Maggie does NOT believe me. Daddy told her she was right, so all is right in the world in her mind!

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Just Me said...

SO much fun!! I like them all...sorry, that's not very much help, but they are all really good and I think ANY kid would have fun playing in the mud :o)

Take care,