Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First teeth lost...OH MY

Maggie's bottom two teeth have been loose for a while now and tonight she decided to do something about it. With Halloween coming, we were afraid of them getting swallowed, and she really wanted to pull the one, so we humored her. When the first one popped right out, accidentally(as Greg was tying on the string) she decided that it did not hurt and he should pull the second one. My stomach rolled as he pulled it, but she never cried!! She now just has two cavernous holes in the front of her mouth!! She's really excited about the tooth fairy, and she gets a double shot to start!!
Here's video of the aftermath!! What a big girl I have now!

Friday, October 24, 2008

This video is HILARIOUS!!

Okay everyone, so I found this video today and I laughed so hard I cried...

girl on bike!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids, Kids everywhere...

Last night most of the immediate family escorted my mom down so she could stay with us for a couple days. It was great seeing my nieces and nephews and they brought their Halloween costumes to show me, so what else could we do but take pictures!! It made for a late night, and Maggie only got to stay up and play a little later because she only had a half a day today and is off tomorrow.
We're headed off in the morning to see HSM3 with Grace and her mommy and then to a girls lunch since Gramma is here with Fionn. Greg called me a mom-nerd because I bought the tickets online today...guess I'm not alone, I talked to a couple other moms today who have already/or just did buy theirs today as well!! What I would give for 1/1000 of Disney's Marketing, geesh! Last night and tonight they are playing the first and second HSM on Disney Channel to countdown to tomorrow. Maggie is sooo excited, I bet she'll be up before her alarm clock goes off tomorrow!!
Okay everyone, I really have so much work to get back to. I hope you enjoy these little cuties!! And yes i know, hardly any of my babies, but I figure I have a few days to focus on them!!

marky really was not a fan of being a pumpkin!!

Zarah-our big cheerleader!

Maggie-the beautiful butterfly!

Mattie-the little cheerleader

the three girls being cute!

Mattie--great close up!

the only one with Fionn--too bad everyone else was melting down!!

Halloween Moon!

Ahhh....this is just too cute not to share!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shaker Woods

Every year, for the last three October(s), we've headed up to Shaker Woods. The first year we went with friends, last year Mema and Pop-pop joined us, and this year we ventured out alone...It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for the drive (it takes us about an hour from our house in the 'burgh) so we dvr'd the game, and off we went to go spend a couple hours in the woods. Thank goodness it's pretty much highway driving, all the way into Ohio, otherwise it would probably take a lot longer. It's really the start of everything Fall like for me...I know I've been working like crazy, and leaves are falling everywhere, but getting my hot apple cider(with the cinnamon stick) and looking at all the crafts on a crisp fall day is what does it for me. Before we moved, it was tradition that we always went to the Peak n Peek for their fall craft show, just a day with most of the family, out browsing around, so I think that's where this all started...
Shaker woods is awesome, you park in the middle of this field, and walk into this grove of woods(which is fenced off with open fields all around it)Most of the vendors are dressed up for the event, either old fashioned or chrismas(y) as this is the "Christmas in the woods" event. Two years ago Maggie saw a guy(a vendor) dressed up in red long johns with a long beard and ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug, she thought he was Santa...I played along, and so did he, lol. There are all these great carvings in some of the tree stumps and other trees throughout, and they are just beautiful. There is one little booth that's our favorite, it's built around a tree, and every year Maggie marvels at it as we walk through it. We're getting pretty good about finding our way around now, the place is huge, and the paths can be a bit confusing, but we know where the vendors are now that we want to see...
We got Maggie her pink knit hat there last year, and went and found Fionn a matching blue one. We know where the fudge is that we like, and love the smell of the roasting almonds as we walk around. It really is a great place to spend the day!! God bless Greg for staying up after working third shift so that we could go! He knows how much I love going there, and it was the last day! So here are a couple great pictures from the day that I got, I hope you love them as much as I do!!
Daddy giving Fionn some love...

Maggie "resting" at the Church in the woods

the girl loves to pump water after the weekend at Triple B's!

humoring mommy, when did she get so big??

one of the many carvings that are scattered about...

I took this shot, from the moving truck, coming across the Shippingport Bridge, i'm pretty happy with the way it came out!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh no...not my tomatoes....

Yep, those were the words that came out of Maggie's mouth today when we were listening to the news. When the weather man said, "tonight is the end of the growing season here in Pittsburgh" you would have thought he said they were taking away all her build-a-bears! Soooo, tonight after she was all tucked in bed, i went out and picked the two biggest ones, brought them in, and then covered the plant. Let's hope that tomorrow morning our poor little tomato plant is still with us. This is the first year we've planted anything but flowers, so she was very attached to those tomatoes. We had NO luck with the pumpkins, and she has realized that they are not going to make it, but she was just so happy about those tomatoes. By the way, did i mention, she doesn't even eat them! Nor does Greg, so they are all for me! Let's just hope we're not mourning our tomato plant tomorrow!! maggie with her plants, proudly showing off her FIRST harvest!

So tonight I thought I would put both the kids in one post, so here is a short video of Fionn in his Halloween costume. I pulled it out tonight to see if if was close to fitting yet, and he looked so darn cute, i just had to get it on video!!! Enjoy our little monster!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awarness Day

Today October 15th has been named National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.
To all the mommies, daddies, siblings, and family members that have felt this loss, today I pray for you. We are not excluded from this day, and even though our loss was early, we still already had our hearts ready for our beautiful baby to join our family.
There are so many wonderful women out there who have the most beautiful stories of their children, and how they continue to praise our most glorious GOD while they struggle with the loss of their babies, they amaze me. Some days I am speechless just catching up and reading your stories. Thank you, ALL OF YOU, for sharing your stories, for reaching out for each other, and embracing new families on this journey. What inspirations you all are. God Bless all of you.
Thank you Kristy for allowing me to share in Asher's journey. To this day he and Isaac affect me in ways I can never explain. Not only them, but you my sweet friend, for your grace under pressure, for using your loss to testify and witness to others. You are an amazing woman, and when you hurt, it breaks my heart. Even on the days when you don't feel like it, you are stronger than you will ever know. I know i've told you before, but I am proud to call you a friend!
To all the other families that have come into our lives that have suffered a great loss this year, know that you are all close to my heart, and I am honored to have shared part of your jouney with you!
I am so proud to be NILMDTS photographer. To give just a little bit back is the least I can do.
God bless!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And HOME again...

Our weekend is over, it didn't go as we originally planned, but when babies call, there is nothing I can do but try to help them.
We ended up driving home late last night after Greg got out of work. It was a whirlwind trip, but we got to take Fionn to my family's church for the first time today. All of my grandmother's friends were there in their normal seats and it's still so hard to walk in there and not see her in her normal spot with all of them. I know it's been two years, but the pain is still so real. I never imagined that she would miss my wedding, or that she wouldn't meet all my children. She was there and vibrant one day, and ripped out of our lives the next. This pregnancy was tough, not having a "nana" blanket to wrap Fionn in. Gramma Sally made Fionney a blanket that he sleeps with everynight, so it helped to ease a little of the pain. There is just something so special about the love that goes into a baby blanket from a nana...Maggie passed down one that nana made her to Fionn, but it's still not the same. Maggie was so close with her, and nana is still included in our nightly prayers, everynight, even though it's been two years now. In case I never said it enough, my nana was an amazing woman that made me feel so loved, my life would not have been the same without her...(back to this weekend)
After church, we headed out to Mema and Pop-pop's and the kids got to spend the afternoon with them while I had a couple sittings. Greg, my super wonderful assistant helped and we just went and played out in the woods for the sessions, taking in fall!
My bestest friend Andrea was home from Conneticut and she and her family were my last session, and it was so great that they finally got to meet Fionn. I can't believe that he's 5 months already, and still so many people have yet to officially "meet" him. A lot of people follow our blog, so they have been able to see him grow, but at the same time, they have not gotten a chance to meet him in public. That makes me so sad!!
I know this was just a rambling post, i really have so much i need to get done and it's taking my attention away from putting all my thoughts in order. Things are just flying through my head right now.
I started this post with the intention of adding a cute video from last Friday. Maggie was singing well, something, for Fionn while I was working and it was really cute. Forgive the noises in the background, my office also happens to be our laundry room!! I gotta say that Maggie loves to put her hats on Fionn, so that's why he has such a big hat on!! Enjoy their cute little video, as you will see Fionn loves when Maggie entertains him!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Not up to par...

Forgive me please if I'm quiet for a few days. Yesterday was a very VERY emotionally draining day and I think I'm starting to come down with something, so i'm going to focus on relaxing the next couple days, and no posting.

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day with us doing the "Spirit Walk" at Maggie's school with her, and since it was raining, i called TWICE to make sure that it was/was not happening. I was told 10 minutes before it was supposed to begin that it was NOT. We were in the truck, Greg came home from work early, and we had a jacket and umbrella on our way down when I called and they said it was cancelled. They instead chose to go ahead with it a little later and put a garbage bag on my daughter as rain protection....GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! They couldn't find her sweatshirt, and chose to cover her t-shirt and sweatpants with a garbage bag...i cannot even begin to tell you how angry this made me. When I expressed that I was upset the Principal called me this morning and basically told me that my schedule wasn't as important as the person who took a half day off(who i really like) and scheduled the event's so she could be there for it.
I just don't know how that makes me feel...
I have been doing in-service training at Magee for all the NICU staff this week, and I pushed back my in-service date yesterday so I could do both, the walk and my NILMDTS in-service. It's tiring, and emotionally exhausting to explain to these nurses why we do what we do and why they should inform the families of our services. Over the weekend I had a session, and it hit me hard. Another beautiful life, a beautiful family that had to experience this tragedy. I wish I could say that I only get these calls every so often, but I already have another session lined up for next week. The parents, the brothers and sisters, it's what reminds me of why I do this, to give them just one small piece of their beautiful babies to carry with them always. I guess it's only hard because I let it hit me that way, I grieve with them instead of just turning the emotion off. If i didn't feel the emotion though, i would be scared at the person I've become...
So for a few days, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy my babies. We're going home tomorrow night, the kids and I, and I may not even take the laptop. I just need a little time to relax and recoop.
Thank you, all of you that follow us on our journey. Life is glorious, and God has blessed me so. My cup runneth over, and I'll be sure to tell you all about our crazy antics next week!
a few more pictures from this past weekend...Fionn loved touching the baby ducklook we really do have pictures with me in themGreg showing Maggie how to pump the water for the rubber ducky race!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An annoucement I thought I would pass along from Maggie's school!

Welcome to the 2008-2009 Giant Eagle Apples for The Students program. Beginning September 28th through March 18th, supporters have 24 weeks to earn points for St. Philips School by shopping at Giant Eagle. This year, Giant Eagle will be awarding $900,000 in educational tools to area schools through this innovative educational initiative.
The Giant Eagle Advantage Card electronically tracks each school’s progress. We only need to register and assign our Giant Eagle Advantage Card to our school code 1159. Thereafter and throughout the duration of the program, Giant Eagle will contribute to SPS each time your card is scanned while shopping at your favorite Giant Eagle Store. If you are already registered, you do not need to re-register unless you need to change your school.
You can register online by clicking here or you can call 1-800-474-4777 If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me at: 412-921-3189.
Remember, ask your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, neighbors, co-workers and whomever else you can think of to register their Giant Eagle Advantage Card to St Philips School - 1159

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Triple B Farms

On Saturday we were daring and went exploring. I've seen Triple B's advertised and the owners actually advertise at Snuggle Bugs with us. I contacted them last fall about doing pictures out there, but it was too late in the season to set anything up. Now we're actually looking at setting up some dates NEXT fall now where I will exclusively do pictures at their farm that weekend.
It was worth the almost hour drive out to their farm! We got to drive down these winding county roads with leaves changing all around us! It reminded me of home!! Maggie had a blast, and Fionn seemd to like it as well. He really liked that he got to touch a baby duck and he picked out his own pumpkin! They had this awesome slide, it was just a big farm drainpipe stuck through a hill, and they named it the Liberty Tubeslide! It was cute! Maggie loved riding the sack down the slide!
Today I had to go buy a new computer, so I will post the pictures tomorrow once everything is set up and running right!!
More to come!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

That darn brick wall is back!

The last 24 hours here have just been crazy to say the least. Last night I was so angry that I spent most of the night while Greg was working in my kitchen looking for recycling numbers on all our plastic! "Why would she do that" you ask yourself...well i'll be happy to tell you!
We finally went yesterday(the kids and I) to get Fionn's high chair at Babies R Us, and while we were there, I decided to get him some more big boy bottles. He is now up to 6oz. a feeding and a good number of our Dr.Brown's only go to 4. While I was looking at the bottles, I found all these bottles that we usually use(with the same prices) moved to another area of the store, while new, more expensive BPA free bottles were in their place. For the most part we use Dr. Brown's or Avent bottles(which I just started using with Fionn) and I guess I just assumed they were safe. Boy was I wrong. IF you only hand wash the bottles in the sink then they are fine, BUT if you put them in the dishwasher than it starts to release the chemical from the bottle! MOMMA SAY WHAT??? I was ready to throw up in the store, and I called Greg in tears...I've put them all in the dishwasher TWICE so far to run them through the sanitize cycle...I'm appalled and embarrassed to not have know that I was releasing the chemical. So I spent the night reading all I could find online, then searching through our kitchen. Thank the lord, every dish of Maggie's that I checked are fine, and BPA free and all our tupperware and ziplock containers are as well. Kristy I know you tried to warn me when we were at the zoo, and I'm sorry that I didn't pay more attention. I assumed that I was doing the right thing by buying him what we thought was the best...
So onto today...
Maggie was complaining again this morning that her feet hurt. I told her it was because of the cold so she could just get up and move around so they would loosen up. Besides that, she was fine....
Then she got off the bus...
Spots! on her face, and just a couple on her belly...We had some errands to run, and she seemed fine, so we just packed the kids up and took Greg to class. Maggie and Fionn both fell asleep and slept while we took Greg to work and all the way to Sams Club. I woke Maggie up and when she lifted up her head(after Fionn let go off her hair) her whole face was red and splotchy with spots!
Oh dear, i thought and got them up and in the store. I took her right to the bathroom and checked, and sure enough on her belly now too. On her hands and her legs, and she said her feet felt like they were there as well...
So i text Greg, and called the dr. to make her an appt. for tomorrow. They asked if I wanted to talk to the nurse as well when I described what was wrong, and I told them "yeah, if she has time" So we kept wandering around the store, her face looking worse and worse. So i start making phone calls, asking people what chicken pocks look like, and waited for the nurse to call me back. She does in a few minutes and this woman starts freaking me out immediatly. She asked me why I had her out in public, and told me to take her right home, and then started asking me if Maggie was having trouble breathing...what?? She read in her file that she had food allergies and just assumed it was a I had to calm this woman down and go through all of Maggie's basic dye allergy, periodic fever disease, and adverse reaction to benedryl. She was insisting that even though she has as adverse reaction to it that I should give her the benddryl...yeah that wasn't happening! SO then she tells me to push on the dots to see if the go away when I do that, so i told her that no, they stay red, but around the outside they go white! She tells me she has to go talk to the doctor and she'll call me right back...the worst I thought this could be was chicken "pops" and then she warns me they may want me to take her to the hospital. I thought "yeah right" and hung up...
She calls back less than 5 minutes later and tells me that I need to get Maggie to the ER immediatly...Since I was in Robinson she wanted me to take her to a local scary hospital that was close(NO WAY) (we only deal with Children's)and this woman was upset with me that I told her we would drive her down to Children's. So I called Greg and pulled him out of his Doctorite class and we took her down. They immediatly sent us back to Fast Track. We walk in the room, doc comes in and says"oh she just has hives" At this point I start banging my head off the wall(at least I wanted to) as I fight with the doctor that this a rash. It's not like the other rashs she's had before with her fevers, this is more circular, where that was big and splotchy! But she insists on hives, and we went through everything Maggie's eaten today and yesterday, and what all she did at school. She kept asking Mag OVER and OVER again if she ate anything from any of her friends at lunch, and poor Maggie kept answering her the same way, no...
Maggie is really good about what she eats, and if she's not sure if she should have it, SHE chooses to have water or milk, instead if it's a drink, and just skips it all together if it's food. This doctor made me think that she didn't believe her, and it made me mad! We've been letting her have mor and more, and she's had NO reaction to red dye lately, but she still regulates herself because I guess I got the point across a little too well when she was small!
So the doctor did a throat swab to pacify me and then wanted to take blood to check her h&h. I let her do the swab, but put a halt to the blood. There was no way i was going to let her poke her for NO reason, since she diagnosed her with just hives.
SOooo thanks to an over-imagnitive nurse, we didn't get home until after bedtime tonight and still hadn't had dinner. We'll see how Mag looks tomorrow before I send her to school, and I'll have to send a note to school to see what all happened yesterday. As i sit here and type this I hear her cough every now and then in her sleep, so I think there is def. more going on than HIVES....grrrrr!
Please keep her in your prayers, the poor girl has been through SO MUCH just trying to get the PFD diagnosed. While we were dealing with that I felt like I was just running into a brick wall over and over again, and I am feeling the same way today! Tomorrow will be interesting at the doctor, and heck yeah i'm going to ask the nurse what she was thinking!!
I'll keep you all posted!