Wednesday, April 8, 2009

prayers for Greg part three...

I know you are thinking, "two posts in one night?", but this is another important one...If you are new and have no idea what I'm talking about, just click "prayers for Greg" at the bottom of this post(where the label is), and they will all pop up get you up to speed!
This morning we head off AGAIN to go back to the specialist. This will be the second six-week check in since this whole dilemma started before Christmas! He's had TWO rounds of anti-biotics, and we're talking WEEKS of treatment, not just a few days, and according to him yesterday, the pain is getting worse still, not better. He is also on medication that reduces our chance to have another baby to, well pretty much nothing, so good think we're not trying!

So what does this mean? Well, his prostate issue is not resolving, so now they will start to delve deeper (wrong choice of words) look more closely at what could be going on. No, they still have not ruled out the big C-word, they were pretty sure of their diagnosis, but since he is not getting better, something else must be going on as well. We actually are probably going to see an actual DR. not just a PA this time, so keep your fingers crossed that we can start to get some answers. Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers, we appreciate it!

We just got back from the Dr.s and still are in the dark as to what is causing so much pain. They have scheduled a sonogram of his prostate and a scope of his bladder for next Thursday. They are looking to see if maybe there is a stone in there somewhere, or if there is any other kind of obstruction causing all of his pain. We are hoping to FINALLY get some answers after we see the Dr. then. Thank you all for continuing to keep us in your prayers, it means more than I can ever tell you all!

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You are in my prayers.

I love you! Mom

jenjen said...

Sending you prayers from Utah. I hope things get better and you figure out what's wrong.


onegirliegirl said...

Greg and Ginger you and the family are in my prayers. I have been through this with my husband and know the agony you face with every passing moment of uncertainty. Just know, The Lord will get you through this! He loves you!

xoxo ~Lisa