Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maggie's NEW big girl bike!

New Bike!!
We were planning on giving Maggie her new bike the day she has Pre-K graduation, but the last time we were in Wal-mart there were none there and she sat and cried on a bench for 20 minutes. And yes, they were REAL tears, she was traumatized! We've been looking at the bikes all winter and everytime we go in she has to pick one and try to pedal it. She decided on this bike in December and as the months have gone on she was starting to get antsy. She could finally pedal it so we thought we would surprise her as a graduation present.
Well, obviously our plans changed! We were in Wal-mart last week and she saw another little girl riding it. It was the ONLY one in the store. The little girl's parents weren't sure if they were going to get it or not, so as Maggie looked like she was going to cry, they decided to let her have it!! So we decided that we would just get it now rather than take the chance of it not being there again.
So now we're trying to ride the bike! She did pretty well, only one little fall. She learned quickly where the brakes are. Once we got home she taught "Bluish" her puppy to ride on the "handy-bars" and told him how proud she was of him! It was a fun first ride!!
As you can see she really likes her new bike!!

Busy week last week...

First night of T-ball practice!!
Last Wednesday Maggie started T-ball. She's playing in the CIT league here in Crafton. It took some wrangling, but she's on the same team with Sophia and Grace. There is also a couple boys on the team that she already knows, so we actually know people for once! whoo hooo!!
They had two practices last week, and their first game was Tuesday night! It was a real treat(for us parents) and they were all so stinkin cute! Maggie was the last batter in the first at bats, so she got to run all the way around the bases and bring everyone in. She was so excited to get her "home run" Batting is def. not her strong point, so it looks like we'll be investing in a T for here at home to practice! She loves her new cleats though, or at least the fact that they can dig up the dirt!! She made quite an impressive hole by second base the first night of practice.
The best part of T-ball cream!! Maggie thinks that she gets ice cream after every practice and game, lol.
Okay I'll post more pictures from last week later, time to go get my hair done! whoo hoo, i've only had one haircut my whole pregnancy so i'm really looking forward to this!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A sneak peek at Fionn!

We had another sonogram yesterday and as you can see we were very entertained! He didn't think that WE were too funny though! Fionn's already weighing in at 5 pounds,12 oz. and he still has a few more weeks to grow!! I'm not going to lie, it was amazing to see him moving yesterday, it really choked me up! We got to see his eyes open and close, a big yawn, and some great stretching. He sleeps like his daddy! On his side all curled up with his arm under his head! And he looks a lot like Maggie with some of the expressions that he was making, only a bigger forehead! I again got a shot of the "berries" but no "twig". LOL, i guess he's keeping that a surprise!
We are currently at the doctor's weekly now with non-stress tests twice a week. They are just watching me closely due to the diabetes and hypertension that is all pregnancy related. We're just trying to avoid the anxiety this time that went along with Maggie's birth! We're shooting for our C-section sometime around the 16th of May(if he waits that long) so a little less than a month left!!
Okay, time to go enjoy the sunshine!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting Ready for Fionn!

We went yesterday and FINALLY picked up Fionn's crib and changing table. This is the third different set we finally decided on, and it's nice that they are now home and set up! We had a traumatic weekend when we went to pick up the other set we had all picked out and they were out of the crib. They were not going to have the crib in again for two and a half months...(but i could order it online and have to pay $252 in shipping fees extra) Can you say ABSURD and ridiculous!
We originally did not plan on going with IKEA for his things, but they had just gotten this great new set in that we loved so we decided to change from the original set to that one. So we waited to get it all since we were moving, and i wanted to just pick it all up at once. I guess that was not a great plan! For all of our friends that love to drive down to go to IKEA, they are starting a remodeling project starting this weekend and arn't promising full stock while remodeling, so just be warned. And don't expect customer service to be polite, grrrrr! So we took our money elsewhere.
After a three hour debate between Babies"R"Us and Burlington, we finally chose this set. It was not our original third choice even, but no one in Pittsburgh carried the crib I found online that I wanted. That's not true, there were stores with it, just not the right color! We originally wanted cherry, then the ikea stuff was an antique color, but in the end we got honey so it all matches in the room. Maggie's new big girl bed has drawers under it that match Fionn's stuff! I'll post a couple more pics tomorrow to show you more of the room. Sorry these ones are a little grainey, i used the new camcorder and just took still shots with it of them! I love how Maggie is helping daddy! They had such a great time putting everything together. I'm not sure which one of them is more excited for Fionn to get here!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

God give me Strength...

As most of you all know, I am a proud member of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and have been working here in the Pittsburgh area to promote our organization. We are all fairly new to the organization and there is nothing established with any of the hospitals here in the area. I also took on the role as the Area Coordinator in February and have been working towards establishing connections locally since. I had a few names for Magee, but have found out recently that we may be needed more importantly at Children's first. I have been praying and researching on how to spread the word of our services there, and then today the director of the NICU called me! Praise God! She had a few questions for me, and after I answered and asked my own questions, she gave our information to a family that we can help.
Within 20 minutes the family contacted me, and requested our services for tomorrow. Not long after that the director called me back again and we spoke a little more. I have been unsure in the last couple weeks if I should be going in for any of these special sittings due to my VERY pregnant condition and it seems God is still pushing me to go. I just don't want to upset the parents or the families. When speaking with the mom today, I gave her the option so not to upset her. She asked me still to come and now I'm gearing up to go.
Tonight I'm thanking God for opening these doors for us here in Pittsburgh, but also begging him for the strength to steady my hand to get this grieving family some great shots that they can cherish forever. I will be with them most of the day tomorrow, so please say a prayer for me that I somehow ease their grief (even if just the tiniest amount) with these images!!