Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rest In Peace Brave Souls

What a senseless act of violence. Three men, Police Officers, the good ones too, shot and killed without a second thought. What is our world coming to? When a man puts on a bullet proof vest and murders three men who are coming to restore PEACE to his house, to his life. They did NOT ask to be there, they all came because it was their job. To try to HELP him, not arrest him...
It's just so sad. All of it, it just makes me sick. Our city, that we love, is has been plunged into mourning, into sadness, because of the actions of ONE man. A man who taunted the police officers guarding him at the hospital afterward, telling them that he wished he had killed more of them.
I know that only our Father has the right to pass judgment on someone's life, I know that my friends, but my heart ACHES for these families. In a MOMENT, a blink of an eye, their husbands/fiancee/FATHER was taken away. Maybe they said "good night" or "good morning" as they left for that last shift, or did these brave men just slip out the door for another routine day? Did these families even get a last " I love you"
All because of ONE man.
Please join me in prayer for our fallen officers. Please pray for peace for their families as they prepare to say their final good-byes today.

God Bless you Officer Eric G. Kelly, Officer Stephen J. Mayhle, and Officer Officer Paul J. Sciullo II. May you Rest In Peace. Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. We will be eternally grateful.

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Kelly Marks said...

I really appreciate this picture, Ginger! Brian has family members in the PPD and we have many friends in it also! We thank God for their safety that day and pray for the other fallen heroes! Thanks again!

Just Me said...

This is REALLY sad. The 5:00 news here even showed a little clip from there.