Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally Friday

That's right, FRIDAY!! 
Horray...we've been SO BUSY this week to get ready for it's almost here, and there is still so much to do, but we're getting there. Laundry's almost all caught up, house clean (for the most part)and I'm getting ready to start baking.
Thank you, in advance, to all our family and friends that come out for Fionn's party tomorrow. We are truly blessed to have all of you.  I know we didn't give too much advance notice this year on his party, but still so many of you are coming.  
It's hard to believe I snapped these just a year ago!  
He was such a stinker, he wanted NOTHING to do with the he's getting better, but he still has mastered the "look away".  
These next two were from his actual party last year.  
The best part about these pictures are those curls...they are starting to re-appear with the warmer months, and that makes my heart happy.  Cate doesn't seem to have the curls, but maybe when she gets a little older they'll show up.
His smash cake...he really could have cared less.  This is the best picture we got that day of his with cake, def. the only where it even looks like he's smiling at it!!  

Here's to hoping the rain holds off tomorrow and his cake goes over a little better this year!  
What a ride this year has been, thanks for keeping us on our toes Fionn.  You def. make your presence known in this house, and there is no way you're ever going to shrink into the background between your girlie girl sisters!!  We love you so much buddy!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Boy

Our Fun-loving, Independant, Outgoing, Naughty...did I say Naughty??  little boy turned TWO today!  Where did the time go??
It seems like yesterday he was born.  It seems like yesterday that we wrote THIS post...
That's not a road I'm ready to walk back down tonight, I'm too happy enjoying the beautiful family that's snuggling in my bed right now!  
We're having a party for him next weekend at home, so today it was just a day with mommy and the girls.  Daddy had to work all day, so we tried to make the day as fun as possible.

We started our day off with a pancakes!  Fionn got "Meeka" pancakes as we got ready to run some friends to the airport.  After the airport trip, we had to stop at the store for a few things.  The birthday boy got a new "Meeka" balloon (are you seeing a pattern yet?) and we headed home.
Big sister helped out by mixing the cake batter for me...Cate helped too...
she slept while we baked!

 Fionn had never had beaters before...
he was a FAN to say the least!  Maggie's sitting next to him licking the other one, he's telling her "yummmmmm" and shaking his head yes when she asks if he likes it...
Our house over-flowed with "chock-eee" as Fionner calls it today, and all our baking was totally worth it!!  Happy Birthday Buddy, we LOVE you sooo much!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Newborn Cate Portraits...sneek peek

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