Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Better Days

I have a sister, she has four children ranging from age 1 to 9.  In these pictures is her oldest," Z", who I have a very strong bond with.   These pictures were taken this summer when she came for a visit.  Before I had Maggie, Z and I would spend A LOT of time together.  My sister worked then so I generally babysat her at least one day a week.  Before we moved to Pittsburgh (almost 5 years ago) we were guaranteed to see her and her little sister about once a week at least.  Since then my sister has had two little boys, and we've added Fionn and Cate to the when we all get together it gets loud, but the kids love to play together.  
My sister has lived with one or both of my parents for the last two years at least.  It's not been a good situation and now it's gotten worse for them.  There was an incident that I will not discuss last Friday and they had to leave.  They have been staying with a "friend", but they need prayers.  
My sister doesn't have a vehicle OR a drivers license OR a job.  No, I'm not kidding.  I'm sure she won't be happy with me posting this, but please pray.  My nieces have been pulled out of school with no real plans for where they are going next, only talk of cyber school.  
They are two hours away from us and now my sister isn't speaking to me because I tried to tell her what the "real" world is like...
I want the world for my nieces and nephews, and my sister...but right now I'm afraid they don't see that.  I don't know how to help, what direction to point them in, or where to send them for help.  If you have a few minutes please pray for them.  
All I want is for them to have a home, a safe place to land at the end of the day.  Hot food and a table to sit at.  Clean sheets on their own beds.  Simple things that most people in the world take for granted.  
 Pray for my sister to find the wisdom to ask for help, and for the right people to hear her plea. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Sister

Please stop growing so quickly, your sister can barely hold you now!  And oh my goodness does it melt my heart when the two of you snuggle!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yep, that's right...that's how long it took us to see this guy.  It's a good thing he is the ONLY Santa worth waiting that long for.  He is the most believable Santa I've ever met.  The first time we took Maggie to him was four years ago when we first moved here, and I can tell you I believed in Santa again after their visit!!  We took Fionn to see him his first Christmas, but haven't dared it again since....until this year.  This picture LOOKS like it went okay, and it long as Greg stayed there!  He's trying to hold Cate's hand, I'm not sure if he thinks that Santa is going to eat her or what, but he's making sure she's okay!  Cate WAS okay, until Fionn freaked out, then she started melting.  Of course Mag is looking at the camera, lol...but once again they're all doing their own thing! 

All in all, it was a success...

or so I thought.
(insert the dun, dun, dun here)
UNTIL the next night (two nights before Christmas)
Then as we were getting her bed all set and getting ready for prayers, I looked over and her shoulders were gently shaking as she put her AG magazines away.  I turned her around and she was bawling.  Poor little thing, I knew immediately what was wrong, but I just went with it.  When we went to see Santa she went over and over again what she was going to ask for.  The Glow Dome, AG clothes, and two was all she asked for.  Not ONE mention of a new doll.  It didn't even come up.  I knew she wanted one, but she never asked Santa.  She was crying because she realized that she never actually told him (or us) that's what she REALLY wanted.  Through her tears she told me she thought he would just KNOW.  So I kept going with it.  I told her to write a new letter to Santa and I would email it.  But, I reminded her, it was TWO days before Christmas.  So she furiously wrote, and sniffled the whole time and this is what she came up with.

She cried herself to sleep as my heart lept in my chest as I whispered with Greg about different scenarios for Christmas morning.  He told me I was mean, but she was still going to have to work for them.  You just can't whip them out and say see, he did know.  Besides, they were her gifts from us and other family members, not Santa.  

So without further ado...
Christmas Morning