Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MAGGIE...the Easter Bunny IS NOT REAL!

Yep, I said it...this morning before school. She didn't believe me obviously, and how do I know that, I have yet to receive a call from her school informing me I'm the worst mom ever. There could still be a note after school, but I'm assuming if she informed her whole class that the Easter Bunny was not real, I would get a call!
So let's back track a bit as to how these words came out of my mouth. Here's a brief scenario of our morning(and it was only 7:45am) Maggie and I both hit the snooze button one to many times (in my defense 7am came way to fast when I fell asleep somewhere around 5am) and we got up just a couple minutes behind schedule(15) Greg was working 3rd, and informed me that he had a meeting after work this AM, so Maggie HAD to catch the bus today. So I had 20 minutes to feed her, get her dressed, do her hair, pack her lunch, and get her down to the bus. The clock was ticking, and very quickly. I was running, yes running around the upstairs packing up her book bag, coaxing her to hurry, and the whole time to a wailing Fionn who decided TODAY was the day he would NOT wait patiently in his crib while sissy got ready for school...lucky me.
So Maggie fed, dressed, hair done, bag packed, face washed, Fionn up (after a brief wrestling session) we got his diaper changed. Headed down the stairs to pack her lunch(CLOCK TICKING LOUDER NOW) when Maggie says "Mommy, LOOK, the Easter Bunny was here" That was enough to stop me in my frantic tracks...So I went back in the living room and looked...sure enough, a little blue plastic egg...that I had no knowledge of, nor have seen before. Hmmmm...there was candy inside. I was seriously troubled, and stood there wasting valuable time pondering a BLUE PLASTIC EGG. Maggie searched the house, I quickly took inventory of my purse and the other things that might be missing if our "Easter Bunny" was not really there delivering candy filled eggs. Everything was in check, exept for this egg. Did I mention that Fionn was still letting us know he was unhappy with us this whole time. Obviously, TODAY was also the day that Cheerios were NOT an acceptable breakfast item.
So what does this frazzled mom do(as she's making a bottle AND packing a lunch) she informs her precious, loving 5 year old (who is gushing on and on about the Easter Bunny and how she can't wait to tell her teacher that he already left her an egg) that seriously "I need to know where that egg came from" her response: "The Easter Bunny mom"
*snap* that was my rational mommy brain breaking in two...
My response "MAGGIE, there is NO Easter Bunny, he is NOT real."

and that folks is how you dash the hopes and dreams of your five-year-old. On a side note, if anyone can tell me how you can get your baby to stop grinding their teeth together, my brain may feel less like it's going to implode. I'm not sure if your brain can really implode, but today it feels like it. Okay, the Fionn "alarm" is going off so time to wrap this up!

3 wonderful people say::

Julie said...

OH MY! What a morning!! LOL!! Rainey used to grind her teeth when she was a baby. She quit doing it eventually, drove me crazy though. It was like a fun game for her!! 10 days!!! i can't wait to see you all!!

Hilary said...

Sounds like a crazy morning...I just had to let Lanta my 6 year old know about the Easter bunny too..I feel for you! have a better week :)

Just Me said...

Oh no! So, where did the little egg actually come from?! Maybe the Easter Bunny IS real :o) Teeth grinding...oh my goodness, it sends chills down my spine just thinking about it!

Hope today is a better day :o)
Take care,