Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday Fun

So I've been working on this post all day, and seriously I don't have anything eloquent to say today!
We've been praying for Stellan most of the day today and I think Fionn is a.)coming down with something or b.) just a plain ole grump! We got a phone call from the Drs office late this afternoon that he was approved for ONE more round of Synagis, they extended the season I guess(they only do this if RSV rates are still high) so off we go in the morning for his last shot. What a blessing it has been to be able to have this shot every month. Our handsome little guy has no more than the sniffles here and there since coming home from the NIC-U almost a year ago! One day we hope that ALL premmie and at-risk babies are covered for this shot because we know how great it has been for Fionn!
Speaking of the little devil, he is yelling for his momma so this is going to be a SUPER short post! This was at the Tom Ridge Center at the foot of Presque Isle in Erie last Monday before we came back to the burgh. We went out with Mema and Pop-pop to check it out, and our friends Jamie and Jaiden came to visit while we were there! In the one picture you can see that Maggie's lips still look a little funny, this was the morning after Easter.
Okay, the fit is intesifing so i better go!

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Staci said...

Hi there!

I wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog about photography. I hope I didn't imply that "All" pro photographers were that way. I have just run into it more times than not. I joined ILP.com and many pros on there and eager and happy to give advice and answer questions for those of us aspiring to be that good someday. I really appreciate you offering to answer questions for me. Believe me, I know I have many!

Actually, I see that your volunteer for NILMDTS. I would love to be good enough to do this someday. Personal reasons give it a special place in my heart. I know I have miles to go before I can do justice to these families, but perhaps someday.

Thanks again!