Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Light Up Night

If you've been reading our blog for long, you'll know that we always attend Light Up Night in Downtown Pittsburgh every year. Well, except for last year. It was bitterly cold, and as badly as we wanted to go, taking Fionn out was just out of the question.

This year though was perfect. The weather was still in the 50's, and the sky was clear. It was a great night to see Santa light up downtown. We picked up daddy from work, and off we went...

As you can see, even Santa loved his work of lighting up the Point! Fionn wasn't too sure about these fireworks, but loved the ones on the 4th of July. After the fireworks were over we headed down to see Santa's handy work. The tree looked great and we snapped a few pictures in front of it while we waited for the crowd to dwindle down.
It was another long, but fun night. Fionn scored this awesome light up light saber from a passerby. All he did was say "ooooh" and "wow" when the college guy was walking past him, and he gave it to him. He loves it so much that we have to hide it just so he'll put it down.

Monday, November 16, 2009

time, PLEASE slow down!

So I went into panic mode this week, did anyone else?
Okay, so it was more like today, but WOW. We've picked up a few things here and there over the last month or so, but I was so proud of myself, felt ahead of the game. Then today the realization hit, it's NOVEMBER 15th
Whaaaat? What in the world am I going to get these kids for Christmas! I know, I know...we keep preaching to them about it not being about the presents, but as a mom of two small kids, it's still a big deal. Less than two weeks to the start of advent, oh yeah, and Thanksgiving is thrown in there too! whoa. I feel behind now, way behind...
Okay, now my seasonal induced rant is over, back to the reason I've been so quiet. WORK, ha. Yes work, it's been crazy, but it's that time of year. I guess I don't feel festive yet, there's not even been a dusting of snow, and today I saw people stringing up their Christmas Lights everywhere. We still havn't brought in our patio furniture, and as a matter of fact, were using it today after church even. On November 15th.
It's been so unseasonably warm, that last week on my trip to Omaha, I had to buy a pair of flip-flops. It was that warm. I was even sweating in Denver. Denver that's already had over two and a half feet of snow, was in the high 50's last week, low 60's. Oh, and got over a foot this weekend too. I'm not saying I NEED snow to feel the seasonal mood, but yeah, a good dusting or two would sure go a long way. I know a few of you are moaning right now, but holy cow people, it's NOVEMBER, and I live in Pennsylvania for goodness sake. I've not needed more than a sweatshirt in the mornings in like three weeks. We've barely had frost....so maybe my seasonal rant isn't over. I'm designing Christmas Cards, and I'm NOT in the mood to be designing Christmas Cards. I don't FEEL festive yet.
Friday night we took the kids to the mall to see Santa's arrival. It was fabulous. Still didn't put me into Holiday mode yet. We stood and watched as Santa arrived, made sure Fionn saw him, saw how excited we all were, we made sure he saw Maggie run up and give him a big hug, then waved bye-bye to Santa as we watched him get set for his first child to sit on his lap this year. Still it didn't hit me, not until TODAY.
So now I had better get back to work, and think about what's quickly approaching, otherwise Christmas morning is going to be a sad day for our two kids. On a side note, at least I already bought their Christmas jammies, which we always give them on Christmas eve to wear. That's ONE point for mommy and daddy at least.
Is anyone else feeling like it snuck up on them this year too?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gutting the Pumpkins

**Last Post until next week**

[I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for a great multi destination weekend. I'm spending a couple days in Omaha with Amanda before heading to Denver this weekend for a NILMDTS Area Coordinator training. I am so excited to be going both places, I can't even begin to tell you! I will fill you all in once I'm back]

Well we showed you how we picked out pumpkins, so now you get to see the process to see what they turned into. Our children were just as picky about the designs, down right bossy you could say, but it was all worth it, they were perfect. Maggie and Fionn were both excited to help, and couldnt' wait to dive right into the mess. We like to carve the night before Halloween if we can(to avoid any boo boo's with our pumpkins outside) Heaven forbid if one didn't make it to Halloween, there would be meltdowns!

Warning, there are even pictures of ME in this post, so no one wonder who that strange lady is. The funny face that Maggie and I are making, that's our spooky Count laugh as we carve our pumpkin. We hope you enjoy our pumpkins as much as we did!!

Dearest baby, if indeed you are NOT a girl, I am very sorry for putting a tiny little bow on your pumpkin's head. Your sister insisted, and who was I to say no?
And yes that giant piece of pumpkin she's holding up in the last picture is indeed a bat. Daddy's HUGE bat symbol was AWESOME!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trax part 3: Hay Ride

It really was a big day at Trax Farms, and we had sooo much fun. The next post should be one of them showing off what they chose to do with their pumpkins. They worked really hard choosing their patterns and helping to scoop out the pumpkins. Even Fionn, even though he really wasn't sure what was happening.
October was such a big month, it's hard to believe that it's over already. I have so much more to share...
More posts soon.