Monday, April 6, 2009

Start of Holy Week

I just got a blog update this morning from Maggie's school and wanted to share their post with you. Maggie told me that on Friday they went to a "shadow station" show, but I wasn't really sure what all that entailed. This morning when I watched the video of the performance, it brought tears to my eyes! It's just beautiful, and I am so happy that my daughter goes to this school! Here is the link to the her school site. St.Philip's Go take a look, it really is somethin' to see. What a beautiful reminder of why we have been sacrificing for Lent, and a great start for the holiest of weeks! THIS is what Easter is about, not a bunny.

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Just Me said...

That is really cool...I love that Via Dolorosa gives me chills every time I hear it. The fifth graders at the elementary school I attended put on a Passion Play each year. I had this opportunity to attend this year and it really does make it extra special. I am disappointed I will have to miss the Stations of the Cross this Friday since those are really moving as well... Thanks for sharing...I have never heard of Shadow Stations. That was a really neat visual.

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