Friday, August 29, 2008

A few highlights of the week...

Maggie's first week of Kindergarten went well...she only asked EVERY night if she had to go back the next day, lol. We picked up Mema and Pop-pop at the airport tonight and Maggie rode home with them for Courtney's wedding tomorrow. Something tells me she'll be gone all weekend! We are heading home early tomorrow for the wedding, but then have to turn around and come right back so Greg can work overnight Saturday night...I have SOoo much work to do this weekend anyway so it's okay that we are coming home. Snuggle bugs is in two weeks, so i have lots of item prep to do. If you live here in the Pittsburgh area(or close enough to drive in for it) this is the most amazing sale i've ever been too! I become a little more involved with the sale every season! If you would like more information here is the link to the site:
Also Maggie's school now has a blog and you can see a shot of her in her classroom from the first day if you scroll down to the Kindergarten's first day post. She's in the shot of the class listening to a story(she's wearing her pink, fuzzy birthday crown) Here's the link for that:

Okay here are a few more shots from the week, enjoy!
Her new computer!
Our happy birthday girl!
Thanks for the great present Grampa and Gramma Sally!
Fionn and Daddy swinging in the hammock while I baked Maggie's cake!!

Maggie's birthday may not look great, but boy was it YUMMY!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day pictures!

Okay sorry it tok a couple days but it's been so busy this week. Fionn is still not so sure about Maggie not being here all day, but Mag seems to be enjoying school and Fionn is taking what time he can get. Right now as he sits in his swing she is dancing all over the living room singing to him. He just watches and smiles, lol. Too bad the only tv time I ask for is the news and of course the news is on! Oh well, if that's the worst I have to complain about than I am a lucky woman. Greg is at class and we're waiting for daddy to come home so we can watch the Steeler game together. I'm going to dread telling Maggie that no she doesn't even get to watch the full first half! It's not going to go over well. She has a reward for getting through her first week though, Mema and Pop-pop are coming back tomorrow!
I guess it's time to wrap this up, Fionn is now tired of her dancing routine and Maggie is now using my couch as a trampoline(again) Wait now she heard the ice cream truck and is out the front door!! Better catch her! Enjoy the pictures!

Maggie getting ready to leave for her first day of school!

heading up the side steps to St. Philip's

yeah, she looks thrilled we dropped her off!

right after she got off the school bus

our wonderful crossing guard Carol helping us cross the street!

ahhh..back home again, we decorated for her!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!!

Well she's tears, only excitement this morning (for her) and is now safely at school. She seemed excited to be there, so I can't wait to hear how the day went.
We packed her lunch, printed her off some pictures to keep in her bag, and let her open a birthday present. We also checked SPROUT to see her birthday card we send in for her! If you would like to see her card you can find it here:
more later...

Monday, August 25, 2008

The night before life changes forever...

I've been trying to be strong, really I have, it's just Kindergarten...

I know that the last few weeks I have hinted that I am struggling, but tonight I am just a wreck. Struggling is an understatement. I don't know why I am so worked up or why the thought of what is coming in the morning makes me tear up, but I can't seem to control it!
Today was orientation for Kindergarten and she did fabulous(just like we knew she would) The only sad part for her was finding out her friend Sophia was not in her classroom. They will still see each other at lunch and recess and some times in the afternoon's but trying explaining that to a five year old. There is still going to be other kids that she went to Pre-K with in her class, but Sophia is her"bestest friend" from school so it was devastating to her. Her teacher, Mrs. Shipley, was very nice and Maggie commented that she liked her on the way out, so that is a bonus. Mrs. Moore, her Pre-K teacher even came up and said hi to the pre-k kids and asked about summer, so Mags was THRILLED...there were tears last spring when she found out Mrs. Moore would NOT be her Kindergarten teacher! So after orientation we went and picked up her" cupcake cake" that she had to have to take tomorrow and juice at Wal-mart, and she seemed fine while we shopped. She asked if I were still making her cake tomorrow and I reminded her she wanted to go out to dinner tomorrow so I could make it another day...well that did not fly so well. She looked slightly panicked, so we changed our plans and we went out to eat tonight. She chose Longhorn(she loves the chocolate stampede there) and we all had a nice dinner together. Maggie still was fine, excited about tomorrow, I was already starting to go through the routine of needing to get her ready....SOOOOoo off to Toys R us to "look around" We already got her a couple things, but wanted to see what really caught her buying tonight, we'll do it tomorrow while she's at school(trying to keep busy)
After our venture we came home where the neighbor came out and gave Maggie a card and gift(thank you Norrine) and then in for a tubby. She got all squeaky clean and into her jammies. We read a special kindergarten book, then said prayer. Daddy and Fionn left the room and I asked for one more hug...

She LAUNCHED herself into my arms and started SOBBING! My heart broke and I started crying with her! I told her not to be scared, that she knew the other kids, she knew the school, and mommy and daddy were just a couple blocks away. She continued to sob and told me she didn't want to go without me, and all she wanted was to take a picture of all of us with her beautiful, sweet, sweet girl. I cannot believe she is scared. Last year for Pre-K she ran in and barely kissed us good-bye she was so excited. Tonight it took me a good 15 minutes to get her calm again, so PLEASE say a little prayer for Maggie tomorrow. I know she will be fine as soon as class starts, if we had any doubts she wouldn't be going, but it seems like she needs just a little nudge...

As for me, Greg is home tomorrow, and we have lots of busy work to keep us occupied! Not to mention a birthday cake to make and a house to decorate. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures posted. It just seems impossible that she will be FIVE tomorrow. I know that it's not a dream, i just don't know where the time has gone! So tonight, here's a look back at Maggie through the years...enjoy!
This is highlights of the first TWO years!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A whole weekend for Maggie!

Here in our house we don't believe a birthday should just be celebrated the day you were born, we do little things to celebrate for about a week! We started celebrating Maggie's birthday last Thursday with Mema and Pop-pop since they were headed out to CA. for the week. They drove in and we all went to Maggie's favorite restaurant "The Lobster" Why the child loves the Lobster I have no idea because all she eats is Mac and Cheese. Something tells me it's the cheddar baked biscuits! The funny part is the last time we were all there together was the day we had Fionn. It was where she wanted to go for lunch after Pre-K graduation.
Here are a couple pictures from dinner! It's been a LONG weekend so i'll try to post more as the next few days go on. We have Kindergarten orientation tomorrow!!
Roses from Mema and Pop-pop
Happy girl at dinnerBlowing out the first candle!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

God Bless the Challis Family and God Speed John!

Hi everyone,
Tonight is a sad post for yesterday this world lost the bravest 18 year old I've ever heard of. John Challis was an 18 year old from right here in Freedom, Pa(Beaver county) who grew national attention in the last few months for his motto on life. Courage+Believe=LIFE
John was diagnosed with lung/liver cancer two years ago and since has tried to live to the fullest. I fell in love with his story because of how brave and honest he was.
Here's what John had to say in an interview in May...

John speaks to your very soul about his mission here on earth and the message he's here to deliver. "Don't look at dying as a bad thing - look it as a chance to meet God - and make the best of the time you do have," he said.
And John will be ready when it's time to round the bases and head for home.
"Meeting God - that'd be pretty cool - well it gonna be pretty cool," he said.

A boy that knew he was dying, knew that his life was going to end at such a young age praised God until that last moment. His message even reached national Sports figures who invited John to spend time with them. Even tonight on ESPN they talked about John. How amazing is that?
John gave so much to this world, i just wanted to share his story with a few of you that may not have heard of him out there.
You can read more on John at:
This email doesn't nearly do John justice, so please go take a look for yourself!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where does the time go??

Today is the last day of "summer vacation" here in our house, and sadly it went like most of our summer...daddy worked, and i barely got to step outside the house. Greg starts classes again tomorrow, this time they are doctoral classes, but still they are classes. He is taking a special class this week 8-5 daily so that he doesn't have to take a class for the whole semester, and NEXT Monday the year starts in full swing. He starts teaching as well next Monday, and Maggie has Kindergarten open house. Then the next morning, bright and early(her birthday) she goes to her first day of school...(yes i am seriously struggling, please pray)
On top of all of this our little guy just turned THREE months on Saturday. Where did it go?? Just looking at him next to little baby Mikey made me realize how much he's grown already. He's no longer a "baby" baby. How is that possible, he's only THREE months!! I know this seems silly, but i just cannot believe how big he is already, everything he can do already. It just seems like he's in such a hurry to grow and learn. I know this is the cycle of life, and he cannot be a tiny helpless thing forever, but wow has it gone fast! So here is Fionn's latest scrapbook page. I couldn't choose just four pictures this month, there were too many that I loved. And yes, these are just a few samplings of what I have, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to choose!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on the newest member of our family!

We finally got to the hospital Thursday to see "Mikey" for ourself!! Oh is he beautiful. I know boys are supposed to be handsome, and he is, but he' so fresh and new and BEAUTIFUL! He's got the cutest little lips, and the cutest not so little toes!! Everything in between is just as adorable!
They are all going home today, if not already home at this point, so please keep them in your prayers as they transition from the nice, safe hospital to being on their own at home. With our friends and family, it's good to know that they are never more than a phone call away from help!
Here are a couple more shots from the hospital Thursday!!

hmmmm...there seems to be a problem with my card...i will post as soon as i can get the pics off it!!

The new threesome! What a wonderful addition to two of my favorite people!!

Uncle Bill helping Maggie hold him! She was so excited!

I told you he's beautiful!

Mema and pop-pop with the boys, look at those grins

I told you Michael has big feet!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


It took OVER a year, but my new Frames of Infinity site is finally FINISHED!! I have to tell you all that I am in love with it, and hope everyone else likes it as well!! I will add another gallery next week, i just wanted to get the important stuff up there now!! Along with the new site comes a new blog. The wordpress blog just didn't work for me, and i LOVE Blogger, so i changed it. If you would like to visit the new site, the address is still the same...

From there you can visit the new blog, or just hit the link on the side -------->
Let me know what you all think, you all know me the best, and i appreciate your opinions!!

Before I end this I want to update you all on baby Michael(yes that is the spelling they are using)
He is ADORABLE, and mommy and daddy are doing well. Shell is still very sore moving aroud, so please keep her in her prayers. I think they are going home with Michael tomorrow, so say an extra prayer for them while they adapt to life at home!!
I promise I will post extra pictures of him, we just have some errands to run today!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A new addition to our family!!!

It's a Boy!!
I am pleased to write tonight that our nephew, Micheal James was born at 11:30am today! He was 9 pounds 8 oz and 22 inches long.(sorry Shell if i spelled it wrong)
Here are a couple pictures, courtesy of dad and pop-pop since we just got home at 10:30pm tonight. I cannot wait to go meet him tomorrow!! Maggie is just so excited, it can't be put into words! Micheal's head looks almost as big as Fionn's already!! And his feet, check out his feet! Please keep Shelli (and Bill) in your prayers, he was so big they scheduled Shell a C-Section to try to keep them both safe during the delivery. Shell's never had surgery before, so please pray for her to heal quickly and for her to take her time getting back to full speed!!
Enjoy the couple pictures!!
This was the first picture we got today, thanks daddy!! Happy mommy and baby!!
This picture is from pop-pop, look at that cutie! Happily sleeping in mom's arms!
Mema holding him, look at his FEET!! I think his feet are already bigger than Fionn's!
Already smiling, another from Pop-pop!! Look at all that blonde hair! I love this one too!

Monday, August 4, 2008

ARGH....a break in the catching up to update the now!

I know that some of you already know, but I'll fill everyone else in as to why today was so important! I did not tell a lot of friends, mostly family, because i did not want to jinx myself, but I am a candidate to become a NATIONAL TRAINER for NILMDTS. It's a big honor, as I would be traveling to Littleton, CO to become certified and then I would come home and start setting up training sessions around this area, or wherever there would be a need in this part of the country. I would be training all new photographers to NILMDTS and other photographers who have yet been able to attend a training session. I know that there is no one in this area, or ANYWHERE close who does sessions and it's tough to just walk in the hospital the first time without knowing what is expected of you.
So i was told that we would know by today if we were selected or not, and i've waited all day to hear. My stomach is in knots and i my spirits were starting to sink with every hour that i heard nothing. I just got an email from HQ stating that they are still least one more day, if not two until i will know!!
I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but they have already called me twice with different questions as they are going through the deciding process!! If you all could just pray for me over the next 48 hours, i would really appreciate it. Not that i'm chosen, just for peace within me until i find out.
I've been having some physical issues going on as well, for weeks now, and everyday it's a struggle to just keep up with the kids. I'm having some complications associated with Depo, things i never thought would happen, and they are really taking their toll on me. The doctors are trying to figure out if there is anything they can do to help me out, but they are not sure if there is anything that be done to ease the complications. If anyone else has had issues with Depo, email me please, because this is all new to me.
On a separate note:
Fionn had his specialist come today to check on him, and he's doing great. He can already do everything that he is supposed to, and is ahead of the game in a couple of areas. He loves to stand already and has GREAT head control! Oh, and she weighed him, lol..I guessed he was somewhere around 13 pounds. He came in at 12 pounds 14 oz.!! Momma's big boy!!
Okay it's time for dinner so i better wrap this up!!
Until later...

Catching Up Part One

I know most of you are in shock right now. Three posts in one day from me, and one from Greg! I told you I would try to do better this week. There was just sooo much going on last month. Today(Monday) is a big day here at our house as well, but i'll get into that later. I need to wait out the day and see what I hear. Fionn also has a developmental specialist coming to see if he's on track, but Greg and I are amazed at his growth and strength already, so we can't imagine there will be a problem. He head control is amazing already, he LOVES to stand up, and is already cooing and smiling and laughing at us. He already knows how to get what he wants, and i'm not sure who he has wrapped around his finger more, daddy or mommy. Maggie is in love with him, and still wants to hold him and play with him everyday. He gets a good amount of attention from her daily, and he thinks she's pretty funny! It's funny, there are days when i have to remind her that I'm the mommy, but she's such a great little helper.
This post is dedicated to Fionn's second month, and I can't believe in two weeks i'll have to make another one for three months! WOW, where does the time go??? Our friends just had their new little girl two weeks ago, and she's bigger than Fionn was, but i was amazed when i held her. She is so tiny, and it seems impossible that he was smaller. My little "Pudge" has changed so much already, and grown too!! He's def. made up for being so small at birth!!
Before i start getting weepy, i better post his new page!! Enjoy ya'll...I do, everyday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lightning Bugs!

I forgot to add these pictures to my last post!! Sunday night we were out back at mema and pop-pop's and Maggie got a jar and ran around the back yard swatting down lightning bugs and trapping them once they were on the ground!! She did a great job capturing them, and loved letting them go again. lol, MOST of them flew away again!
BY THE WAY, as you read the blog...if a picture seems blurry you can just click on it to see a bigger version that is not blurry. Since the files are so big, them seem blurry when condensed so small!
Back to the bugs, here are shots of our little hunter! We love summer!!

Hello All

I just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello to everyone that has been following our family grow. It has been an amazing ride, I cherish every moment and can not wait to do fun and exciting things with my wife and kids. Maggie and I are currently gearing up to go back to school, Fionn is trying to grow some teeth, and Ging is being the most amazing woman a man could have. We have all been a little frazzled with everything that has transpired this summer but we still can smile and say this crazyiness is what makes us happy......a family.

I hope that "Franklin" comes and joins our family soon so that Bell and Bill can start enjoying the blessing of raising a little one. Well, I better get back to work, just wanted to say hello, we are doing well and thinking of our friends and family often.