Friday, April 17, 2009

Julie's Wedding

Here are a couple shots from the wedding we were at on Saturday. I have lots more to edit, but this was my jumping off point! Julie and I have been friends for...well, a long time! We met by chance in Edinboro MANY years ago, and all of our crazy antics led to us becoming the bestest of friends all these years later. She's my person. We all have them. Our husbands know they are, our families know them. They are our people, plain and simple. When our girls were younger we always wondered if they would be friends when they got older...Maggie told someone Saturday that her and Rainey "are like sisters" It made my heart melt! My next post will be dedicated to them! I just wanted to put up a few of Julie, Mark and Rainey first. Thank you to my husband for snapping a couple of me and Julie too!!

4 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Isn't it nice to have "people?" :o)

Hilary said...

Great pictures!! Beautiful :)

Just Me said...

Aww, SO beautiful! Looks like you found something really cute to wear so you wouldn't freeze :o)

Meeting "by chance"...hmm, I don't think so...ha ha! That is SO great!

Thanks for sharing :o)

Aunt She said...

Loved the pics - as always you are fabulous with the camera! You are correct about "people" - I have a couple two or three in my life as well! Take care - Love you