Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nothing but Trouble

So last week we were sorting through all the kids new toys that they received for Christmas and putting them on a new bookshelf that we got, and Fionner decided to help out! Yes, this is his idea of "helping" Ahhhh, this boy really keeps me on my toes. Everyday is a new day, and I never know what we're going to delve into that day. I went to feed the dog yesterday and found his "train town" conductors in the dog food bin with some of his "bubble wash" pieces.

This is an UNtouched (shocking i know) picture of how Fionn usually looks, LOL  Yep, yogurt mouth, boogers and bruises.  He is such a BOY.  He has positioned himself between "train town" and the BIG bookshelves full of toys.  By the way, in case you're wondering, we have trains missing from train town, so be on the lookout.  LOL, seriously, we have no idea what he does with them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Ready


Sunday, January 17, 2010


A couple months ago I got a new 28mm lens.  I've not really gotten a chance to "play" with it yet, so I took the opportunity to this week.  It was a fun week, we had a lot of different fun activities planned with the kids (Sesame Street Live for example) and it was great with all the beautiful snow outside.
Now the snow is gone, it's raining, and I have plenty of time to show you what we've been working on for the last couple weeks.

Maggie had to take in 5 pictures to school this week of "people" she loves.  Since she has way more than five people that she loves, and we couldn't NOT include any of the grandparents, we went with people&pets that she loves that live IN our house.  Ella here was our hardest subject.  It took a lot of snuggling and petting to get her to cooperate.
Godzilla on the other hand is an old pro and happily obliged for a new, updated picture.  Fionn happily fed his "zilba" treats as zilla posed for his shoot.
Speaking of our handsome little man, here he is.  We were taking pictures of mommy's newest creations and he stood at the door with his "zilba" while I got my shots outside.  Little bruiser here has been really beating himself up.  I'm assuming this is normal for a boy, but wow, it makes my heart race.  It seems like he gets a new "boo-boo" almost daily.  Thank goodness a kiss from momma is all most of them need to be all better!
Ready to see what I've been working on this month??  My nana crocheted, and I never learned and that always made me sad.  Maggie has so many great things that Nana made her, it made me sad that Fionn never got a "Nana" blanket ( even though he did get his infamous night-night blankie from Greg's Gramma) so this year I decided that I would try to learn to crochet.  I got a book, a couple hooks, and I watched lot of videos on YouTube.  My goodness do I love YouTube.  I used it last fall to learn how to knit, but knitting needles and Fionn don't mix well.  Crocheting seems to work a little better.  He's not so interested in my hooks.  Anyway, I found a hat that I really liked, gave it my own twist, and here's what I've been up to.
Cate has inspired me!  We have quite a few friends have had girls recently, and even more are pregnant with girls now, so i've had fun making them all hats!  I originally made a few tiny that I can keep in my bag for my NILMDTS sessions to just give to the families, and it grew from there.  I love making these, they are quite easy to make, and really they just make me happy.
So what do you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Giveaway Time(again)

Last week we did our "family" giveaway, but we've also had one going over at our Frames of Infinity blog as well.   It's a chance to win a Gift Certificate to Frames of Infinity OR GH Designs.  There are so many things getting ready to go up on GH Designs, I can't wait to show them all off!  We've been working hard to update our site and put up new things just in time for Love Day!
So what are you waiting for, Go Enter!  Full Details are on the other blog!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

And....the winner is...

Okay guys, I just hit up (to keep it all fair) and the winner is: Number 8. 

Which means that it's Suzie!
Suzie, I need your mailing address to get it out in the mail to you!!
Thanks everyone for entering, it was fun.
We'll be doing another give away here soon to celebrate the coming of Cate, so be sure to check back and keep entering.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Sneek Peek at Briar Claire Hat

Okay folks, this is the hat in question from Briar Claire that one lucky person is going to win!  So far we havn't had many takers, so it looks like your chances are good.  This is an infant size hat, and even if you're not expecting, it would make a great gift for anyone who is!! 
Make sure to enter on the post below!!
Good luck!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010- The year of Cate

So Greg likes to joke that we all knew this was a girl from the get-go.  Let's just say my hormone level has been ever-so slightly agitated.  Maggie once again got another one right, and we'd love to introduce you all to Cate.  She is due ON Fionn's 2nd Birthday (May 16th)  I guess you could say we like to keep things close.
When we had Fionn I told Greg that I couldn't imagine having another baby before Fionn was two, but there was no way I wanted to have another baby AFTER he turned two.  I guess I left the time frame OF turning two open though, and well, here's Cate!
Everything about this pregnancy has us excited.  Fionn is already practicing saying "CaTee" and baby(even though today he said "ho-ho" when he pointed to my tummy) but since last week was Christmas, we'll let that one slide.  Maggie is beside herself with excitement, because boys as you know, "steal your stuff"  lol, just WAIT Mags, you'll see.  Fionn has a habit of waving hi to Cate every time we have an ultrasound, and sure enough Cate obliges him and waves back.(To be fair Cate waved first in October, and Fionn waved back and said "hi baby") and no I'm not making that up.  He loves to watch the DVD we have of Cate, and smiles from ear to ear as he watches it.  Cate also seems to be a bit like her big brother and it seems as though she also likes her thumb.

If you know my kids, you know they have BIG feet, and it looks like baby Sister is following right in their tracks.  Yes, we counted 10 fingers, 10 toes, everything's perfect on her!

in honor of the year of 2010, the year of Cate, we are doing our first ever give-away!! 
Excited now??
I love Briar Claire, and have already made quite a few purchases from there in the last month.  This week however, I made one special purchase.  A newborn hat(girls or course) that one lucky reader is going to win.   Just follow that link and let me know which item is your favorite at Briar Claire, and you'll be entered to win!
Good luck!