Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Ready for Dance!

Spring is here, so we're getting into gear for all our Spring Activities! Dance recitals are going to be here before we know it, so Maggie decided to get her pictures over and done with first!

I do have to tell you I had moments last night while taking these where I almost started crying. She is really NOT a little girl matter how badly I want her to be! No one told me that at five I was going to start seeing the woman she would become one day! Her face is losing it's baby fat, and her legs are sprouting faster than the new limbs outside on the trees! And don't get me started on her feet, I'm not sure if the rest of her will ever catch up! (she wears a size TWO already) I think it's her hair in a big girl bun that gets me! Adorable, yet so grown up. She wanted to wear these pearls to school today, so I let her. She was so proud to wear them, since they were mommy's. And we're talking about the little pearls here in the first two, not the ones attached to her costume further down!

Today is her last day of school for the week, and we have so much to do to get ready for this weekend! We are going to be ON THE MOVE as of Friday, and won't be back to catch our breath until Tuesday! We can't wait to see our family and friends this weekend though!! Time to wrap this up, my little Fionn "alarm" is going off, so it looks like some mommy time is needed!

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boltefamily said...

She is just gorgeous!