Friday, January 4, 2008


yep, it's official(i guess you could say) that we're having a boy. Our little man was pretty stubborn and uncooperative this morning for our actual anatomy ultrasound but we were lucky enough to have a great tech that did our Echo-Cardiogram later in the day.
In our first appt, the baby kept it's legs closed, knees tight together. We were in there for a good party of an hour while she measured everything and the baby just wouldn't change position. We got great pictures of arms and legs and feet and fingers, just no "hot dog" or the "bun"(that's for you aunt shell) to give us an answer!! There were a lot of great shots though, and we got a video to bring home to show everyone! We then went downstairs for our monthly check up and i had to do the Glucose test where you drink the nasty sugar drink and wait an hour. After that was all over we headed up to ultrasound again for our Echo-cardiogram. After the tech was all done she took a "quick peek" to see if she could see anything, and she got an eye full! LOL
I didn't get a chance to see, i was laying on my left side away from the screen but Greg was looking and he said there was def. something between the legs. I really would have like to have seen, but the baby turned when i tried to look over my shoulder. I'm excited, just would actually positive "pee-pee" proof to look at! When i asked for reassurance on the sex, the tech told me "you are good to buy boy things, just maybe leave the tags on" Sooooooo, i'm really hoping she's right at this point!
Maggie and the rest of the family is thrilled. It seemed that everyone else already knew we were having a boy! Maggie is putting up quite the fight for "Barney" when we told her we should start calling the baby Fionn now. She said she and Mema already named the baby and they would be sad if we called the baby Fionn. When we explained she could call the baby "barney" as a nickname she was adament that "barney" likes his name already! lol, poor girl. I'm sure she'll come around. In the spring she wouldn't even talk about a baby boy, it was a girl. Ever since we told her this time we were having a baby, she's insisted it's a boy!!
I'm beat for now, it was a long day with lots of belly prodding that wore us both out! More soon, i promise!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008!

I can't believe that it's 2008 already! 2007 flew by before i even stopped to take a breath it seems. So many things happened to be thankful for, I am truly blessed.
Even though the last few weeks of the year were tough, the blessings leading up to it made it so much easier to bear. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family who love us. Maggie not only had Christmas for one day, but pretty much for a week straight. I have no idea where to start putting all her presents. She is such a good little girl, i couldn't possibly be a prouder mom. She knows when she has way too much and willingly suggests toys that she would like to donate.
She is so excited to be a big sister, today she was singing to Barney. Pretty much nightly now when we say our prayers the baby gets the first good night kiss and hug. Tonight was the last night to say good night to "Barney" Tomorrow is the big day when we find out the sex of our little peanut. I can't sleep tonight, even though i know it's going to be a long day tomorrow. We also have to go back to ultrasound later in the afternoon for an echocardiogram, so maybe if the baby doesn't cooperate the first time we'll get an answer the second time around. We meet with new doctors tomorrow and have even more tests done...I guess being in a hospital designated to women is a good thing, but it seems like i'm always seeing NEW doctors! I miss knowing my nurses and doctors. I miss them asking about Maggie and comparing this pregnancy to hers. I hate having to tell the doctor EVERY month why my pregnancy is considered high risk and what happened exactly when i had her. We're in the process of looking for a new OB-GYN now but i have to tell you, i was spoiled by my practice in Erie. Bayside, i miss you!! If it was possible to drive to Erie for my pre-natal check ups every month i would!
Greg started his new job the day after Christmas and is loving it. Life is starting to calm down now that daddy is back to work at least. It's not a struggle just to get time together anymore. We actually get a three day weekend together this weekend and are going to take Maggie to the zoo Saturday if the weather cooperates. We even talked about going to Babies R Us and looking around. They just seem to have the best selection on baby things anymore. Next weekend we get to come home and we're taking Maggie to Princesses on Ice at the Warner. It's a girls day with Aunt Sharon, Mema, and Aunt Shelly--no boys! She is so excited to get dressed up and go! I can't wait to see her face when she sees how close we are to the ice.
First though we have to get through tomorrow! Maggie is back to school tomorrow and is excited to get back to her friends. She loves all hew new clothes and cannot decide what to wear tomorrow! Oh, to be 4 again! Okay, time to try and get some sleep, lots to do tomorrow!