Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a crazy and busy weekend we had! It all started on Friday as I had a photography seminar in Uniontown, Pa (about 70 miles south)(and until 11:30pm) and then had to turn around and head almost 200 miles NORTH (to Bradford, Pa) and be there by 10:30am Saturday morning!! Along the way we had to stop and drop off the dog and the rest of the bags since we were only going to be in Bradford for the day! I'm editing the wedding pictures today, so I will post more later of our fun day with two of our bestest friends!! We were so honored and thrilled to share their special day with them, even if we could only be with them for a few hours!!
After that we drove another 100 miles BACK to Erie to spend Easter with our family! We took the "scenic" route home and stopped to say hi to my mom and aunt along the way. It was a LONG EXHAUSTING day. Maggie scored these great new fun jammies from her gramma along the way (thanks mom) and loved wearing them this weekend.
Sunday dawned bright and early, and the search was on to see if that darned bunny had come...sure enough, there were two big baskets waiting! The (momma) bunny was mean though and brought an addition/subtraction workbook(which she loved) Homework on Easter? I love that she doesn't think of it that way!!As you can see Fionn's all about helping sissy with her homework!! He was just making sure her ears stayed out of the way! :-)Fionn loved riding around is his lego-mobile! Who needs a big red wagon, if he fits, he fits! LOL Pop-pop showed him this the night before and he loved it, so daddy took him for a stroll in the morning too!
Our handsome man all bathed and ready for Easter service. He was such a good boy that he slept through the whole service!Fionn and his "cole-cole" He and Michael playing together after church. After Bill and Shell left with Mikey on Sunday, Fionn kept going over to Mikey's picture and picking it up, smacking his face and saying "cole-cole" It was really sweet. He did it again on Monday after we got back from lunch with them! These two should keep us busy this summer! And last but not least...this picture shows you why I've been so anal about what Maggie eats for the last five years. My mother thinks i was just one of those mom's who doesn't let her kid eat any sugar, not so much. Maggie is outgrowing her red dye allergy, but as you can see, soemthing set her off. Angelina Jolie had nothing on Maggie Sunday night. Her poor little lips were just sooo swollen. This was after some Benedryl. The rash was horrible, all over her body. I ended up sleeping with her just to make sure nothing happened in the night. I felt sooo horrible!
So that's it, our Easter. Mema made a FABULOUS dinner, and we got to see a lot of our family and friends, which was nice. Now we're back home and trying to get back on schedule. We went Tuesday and bought some cloth diaper supplies and i've spent the day getting them ready. Tomorrow we start. I'll let you know!

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Amber said...

Glad you had a great Easter!! You were BUSY!! Wow. And I thought I'd had a full week.

That is so funny {not really} about that picture of her all swollen, because before I read on, I kept scrolling up to the other pictures thinking, "that doesn't even look like her!". No wonder!! Saylor is very sensitive, and occasionally breaks out in a rash, but we're not sure what from. I hate it. I feel so badly for her!

Have a great night!

Nicole said...

How handsome is Fionn!!! I had to laugh at the part of him sleeping through the whole service, because I would be tempted to myself. LOL! Like Amber said, I didn't even recognize Maggie either. Poor girl! What a mess she was! Hope she's all better now.

Hilary said...

Glad you guys had a great Easter..poor Maggie and her allergy!! I would have been flipping out too! Poor thing!

Just Me said...

Looks like you found the perfect little outfit for Fionn :o) Poor Maggie and those lips :o( So glad you had a fun filled weekend even though it was "super busy". Looking forward to seeing some pictures from the wedding :o)

Have a great day!

onegirliegirl said...

Ahhhh, poor Maggie!! Just tell her there are people in Hollywood that would pay big money to get lips like that :)

I hope she wasn't in too much discomfort! You had quite an eventful Easter! At least you got to enjoy family as well!! That Fionn makes a great Easter Bunny...too precious!