Friday, April 10, 2009

It's On...yep, like Donkey Kong

Wow, can you tell I'm exhausted delusional and my busiest day hasn't even started yet! Well it's here, the weekend of craziness!! I'm so excited and so tired all at the same time...Big things are happening this weekend! Today I get to go to a tour stop for Sandy Puc(who is the photog. founder of NILMDTS) and am working the NILMDTS booth before and after the seminar. Exciting right, yep it is, too bad it's SEVENTY miles SOUTH of Pittsburgh and I won't get home until probably 1am tonight. Then once I complete that 140 mile roundtrip we have to throw everything in the truck and head for my best friend's wedding (which is FOUR hours away) On the way there we have to stop off at my in-laws, drop off the dog, and the rest of our baggage and get our butts to Bradford, Pa for me to make my pre-wedding hair appt. at 10am, UGH! Not only am I the photographer, I'm the maid of honor and I am SOOOOOooooo excited. This woman is like my sister people, I can't wait!! Oh, by the way, did I mention the wedding is outdoors, and I have a sleeveless dress, and the highs are only going to be mid-forties? Oh I forgot to mention that one huh? yeah, least the snow was taken out of the forecast!
After that we get to drive the two hours BACK to my in-laws in Erie and have Easter with them the next morning. This I'm actually looking forward to! I get to see Mikey (our nephew) who we havn't seen since January, and I can't wait to see the boys play!! What I'm not looking forward to? Fionn breaking some of Mema's pretties now that he's into EVERYTHING! There are no baby gates at Mema's, and LOTS of pretties! It should be an interesting mix! Mikey's only 12 weeks behind Fionn so by summer it's going to be double trouble! Speaking of, trouble that is, here are a couple pictures of him for you! I told you they were coming!!

Fionnster, sporting his favorite hat!

our happy boybaby gate...I love, Fionn hates

the normal view of Fionn we see now

Fionn's favorite way to be...diaper free!

I had to end with a funny one, really it makes me smile. He now RUNS away when you are trying to change his diaper, and this is one of his many successful least I was nice, i didn't put up the one of his little butt as he was standing up (diaper free) and pushing our ottoman across the living room! Ahhh, i love future blackmail pictures! Do parents still put embarrassing pictures in senior yearbooks of their kids?

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