Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

**if you're not familiar about what a stream of consciousness post is, it's basically Oops, i've been bad at blogging, here's a catch up post***

SO here goes...
We have been CRAZY busy, and I do mean crazy!!!  I never would have guessed how much work one more baby would be.  I handled two with ease, but three...well most days I feel like I need 10 more hours in a day just to get everything done on my list.  And I mean just my daily lists, not long term lists!!  I'm not sure how women with four or five babies under five do it.  I couldn't imagine!  It goes without saying that I ADORE my children, but wow, this momma needs to find some back up.

When Maggie was two I was still working full time and she was in day-care.  I'm not saying she was a saint, but wow...nothing compared to Fionn.  Everyday I pray he just gets through the day in one piece and I'm still sane at bedtime.  
Almost daily I find this

 or this
I've hidden ALL the crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens, paint, chalk, etc...but I have a wall cleaning party weekly.  Just the other day he went up to the 3rd floor, and all I did was turn off the tv and went up behind him and he already had a (washable) purple marker and was making circles on my new windows, UGH!  This kid amazes me at how fast he can find his stash and go to town.  I tried to outsmart him and put the easel in his room so he could just color whenever IN HIS ROOM.  He showed me.  He colored his bed, his bed guard, the carpet, the side of the easel, but never got near his precious train table!  Go figure.  So now we put those crayons up to, and he has to ask for them...or just go find my nail polish....because you know that makes a GREAT alternative to coloring with crayons...I wish that wasn't a true story.
Then he smiles like this...

and does this.  Something as simple as giving his baby sister his "night night" and "bogey" when she is fussing and I forgive him of things like this:
Maggie thought she would like to try soccer this year, so we gave it a go.  Unfortunately we only got to go one week, and Fionn was soooo angry that HE wasn't going to soccer that we never got to go back.  Mag looks like a beast in that picture, but she was playing with the Kindergartners and this guy is just really little!  Fionn had a blast taking Maggie's ball.  He was dancing out in the field because he got away from me. 

On Labor Day, we headed up to Living Treasures Animal Park for a fun family day.   The kiddos loved the animals, and Fionn really seems to be fearless when it comes to them.  He chased the peacock, stared down a bear, and got down on the ground eye to eye with a chicken (who had a baby hiding under it's feathers)  He laughed as the goats and bison licked him, and begged for more carrots.  

Cate is SIX months now (her post is coming soon) and is already eating baby food.  A LOT of baby food at that.  Her check up in Thursday and I can't wait to see how much she's grown!

We have been making bagels...
and tutus...

I LOVE the tutus!  We're doing something special with them in the coming weeks, I promise to post information on it!

Sorry it's been a month between posts, I just can't believe how quickly the month got away from me.  I've yet to post about the Fair, or Trax, or a few other fun things we've been up to!  We even have a treat coming up this weekend, Greg is OFF for the WHOLE weekend and not only are we having a family day on Saturday, but we're getting Family Portraits done this weekend BY ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER...I will be IN the pictures, it's true!  I'm so excited!