Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks


 Holy Smokes Folks...that's all I got!
Thank you to the beautiful Joanna Fassinger for capturing US
 I have the pleasure of knowing Joanna through NILMDTS, where she is also a volunteer Photographer and acted quickly when she announced a fall mini session in South Park.
All we asked for were fun pics of us together and boy did she deliver!  We didn't go into this session with high expectations because well Fionn is Fionn and Cate is moody too, but we are blown away with what we got!
I am SO THANKFUL for these beautiful, crazy days with my monsters because all too soon they will not be little monsters anymore. 
Thank you Joanna for these amazing memories!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Mini Sessions

These sessions are this weekend in Erie County. Please feel free to share with family or friends. They are first come first serve for booking and tend to go FAST!
If you have any questions, please email me at ginger (at) framesofinfinity (dot) com

Monday, November 22, 2010


 I am SO THANKFUL to be YOUR momma.  I'm not sure how I ever thought life was complete without you in it.  You complete us, round out our family in a way I didn't know it needed.


 This summer I got a new toy.  This BEAUTIFUL, lovely bright white Sewing Machine!
I've been having SO.MUCH.FUN. ever since. 
It took a little while to get the basics back, but I'm enjoying every second.  It's been YEARS since I've sewn anything, but I'm glad it's like a bike.  It all comes back (and youtube tutorial videos help too) 
I have to say that I love the convenience of being able to buy patterns on Etsy for cute little things for the kids.  I've made SO many fun things, but only have photographed a few...

Here is a couple pictures of the first little dresses I made the girls this summer!

 I loved making these strawberry ones, i love the color combos and they helped me get the neck just right.  Even though the pattern didn't call for it, I added elastic to the next batch to make sure they could get them off and on a bit easier!
I have to say that this pear combo was my FAVORITE combo!  Cate had one too, but I can't seem to find a picture of her in her matching dress....
I do have one of her in a onsie dress I made her out of the fabric though.  The girls all got headbands that match their dresses as well!
I even made my niece Zarah a pretty swing top and matching headband when she came to visit this summer!  She was SO excited!
I even made up quick JB tanks for the girls when we decided last minute to take them to the Jonas Brothers concert this summer!!
i made a cute onsie dress with matching headband for a friend's baby this summer...
and this awesome shirt for Maggie:
More recently, I made the kids some fun things for the Fair.  Cate got a John Deere reversible blanket.

 Cate and her friend Hope B. got these great dresses to wear to the fair!!!  Hope gave Cate her great John Deere bow when she was born, and we were so psyched that she could wear it to the fair!!

Fionn even got a little something for the fair:

I appliqued him this great shirt that he LOVED!

I've not had a lot of extra time to sew, but did get a chance to make Maggie these great jammie pants!

This week however, I am caught up on orders and have big plans for a super cute jumper for Cate for Thanksgiving to go with her hat I made for her to wear!
Enjoy, and I'll post again soon!!  
ps.  yes Ang, this post was just for you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changing My Perspective

We took our annual trek to Trax Farms, and were excited because this year Mema and Pop-pop came down and went with us.  It was a hot day, even though it was the middle of October.  Mother Nature once again messed with my plans.  I had a perfect fall day mapped out, one where we could wear our sweaters and drink hot apple cider as we searched out those perfect know just like last year.
So I was ticked as I searched out short sleeve options to wear to pick our pumpkins instead of the awesome outfits I had planned for.  Then there was our jogger.  We have a Phil and Ted's and honestly had to replace the inner tubes in the back tire too many times to count since vacation in August.  This week in particular we went through either 4 or 6 inner tubes just trying to put them in.  And we had to stop on our way there to get MORE inner tubes.  So that was another strike against the day.
It was after noon by the time we got there and don't ya know, those two inner tubes popped trying to put them in.  AND in a matter of minutes I had like FIVE stinkbugs land on me.  I LOATHE stinkbugs.  Seriously, I was ANNOYED.  
Did I happen to mention it was hot,and dust was flying everywhere?
and it was crowded.
See that face?  I was sooo there.  I was ready to go after being there for less than five minutes.  There were people and lines EVERYWHERE.  Pop-pop went off in search of the tickets to the hayride while I bitterly complained about the whole situation to my poor husband.  I was having a minor panic attack over the amount of people, and trying not to just run out crying.  If another line wouldn't have opened up, and if pop-pop wouldn't have gotten those tickets so fast, we would have left.  
And I would have missed this...

and this.

It didn't matter that I was having a horrible, not my perfectly planned day, my kids were having a blast!  I can honestly tell you that until I came home and looked, really looked at the pictures I took, I missed it.  I may have been there, but all I saw that day was what was WRONG with my day.  Family days where we're all together are few and far between and I was bitter that it didn't go as planned.    All I saw was that there were people everywhere, getting in my perfect shots, and while it was about more than the perfect shot, it was all I could see that day.  
I pouted ALL day, and to my children and family I apologize.
You deserve more.