Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Memorial Day!

Fionn is restless tonight, so i'm actually going to get to blog again! He is quite the little inch worm and he wiggles all over the place, so we have to be careful about where he is laying! Greg says he just always wants to be on me, but i don't think it's me...just my chest! LOL odd since he doesn't want to nurse! That's a whole other story though, and i'm hoping it improves before it becomes an issue! I'm sure there will be more on that subject later!

We had a very lazy Memorial Day this year. It was so great just being home all together that we really didn't have the desire to go anywhere during the day.
As you can see Mag was just happy cuddling on our bed with Fionn. She really got a chance to just touch him on Monday, to just explore him. She loves being a big sister so this was so great for her! She told him all about Hanna Montana, you know the "important stuff" about watching tv, who was cool and who was silly, that sort of thing. It didn't matter to her what they were watching, as long as she got to be there with him. It's cute, if she hears Fionn cry, she yells "i'm coming Fionney" and then she tells us he needs his big sister, lol.
After we spend the day snuggling, we got ready for the Pens game...

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Nicole said...

I see you're actually "due" tomorrow - ha ha! I hope things are going better for you with Fionn; especially the sleeping part anyway. Thinking of you...

Take care, Nicole