Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's Go PENS!

Maggie and daddy as we leave the igloo!

moo with Sid the kid!fionn with mommy outside the igloo!
Game 2...

what an awesome city we live in! Mario has been opening up the Igloo for the away games of the series and we took the kids down there Memorial Day. Yes, Fionn was kinda small, but he slept through everything and as you can see was safely bundled in his sling. I love this sling, it is FABULOUS, so i def. give this company my seal of approval! It's so easy to use and Fionn loves when i bundle him in it! The name of the company is moby wraps and their website is

So back to the hockey game. We only stayed for the first period, it was loud and it really wasn't a wholesome family environment when a Red Wings fan sat a couple rows in front of us. Let's just say there were some home-made t-shirts that made me REALLY happy that Maggie can't read everything yet!
We've been watching the whole series and let's just say Game 5 was one of the best hockey games i have EVER seen!! Ryan Malone is a WARRIOR and Fluery is AMAZING! We can't wait to see what happens tonight!!


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