Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My son is glowing...

Okay, mommy's turn again. I asked Greg to catch everyone up last night, i was just too tired, physically and emotionally to even string a sentence together. Amazingly, once again, i still couldn't sleep. Not even the drugs could knock me out for long last night. I fulfilled my promise to Greg and strung 4 hours together so i could come back ASAP this morning. He volunteered to stay home with Maggie so they could have a day together today. I'm not sure what all they have planned, but may head for the zoo for Daddy/Maggie time today before heading back here this afternoon. I know that they are going to color Fionn a picture for his room, and look for a tiny little PENS outfit for him for this weekend as well today.
I'm starting to think i'm losing my mind today. I know it's a combination of drugs and lack of sleep, but i swear he's making little noises an I look over and he's still just laying there quietly. His biliruben is a little high today, so as a precaution his nurse(same as yesterday, Stephanie) put him under the lights. He's laying here with his little glasses on, glowing. Maggie had jaundice pretty badly, but she was NEVER calm under the lights. Hence why she had tocome home on the light machine. Every time they took her away from me she just screamed so they let her have her way...
I just went out and got to join all the doctors when they did rounds, and got to discuss what all they have planned for Fionn today with them. Soooo I have GREAT news(as great as it can get when he can't come home yet)He's coming OFF the nasal canula today(no more air) and they are taking out his central line. He's allowed to eat what he wants, and basically just has to have a reg. IV put in to keep giving him his antibiotics!! What a strong, big boy I have!! I'm so proud of him, he's just turned right around in the last 48 hours. Thank you all for your prayers, we all know the power of prayer and you have all made sure we know you're praying, and it's an awesome thing. We thank God for all our friends and family, and want you to all know how much it means to us!
I will blog more a little later, my little glowworm is starting to squirm so that means i get to feed him here in a minute...the best part about that, I get to HOLD him while he tries to eat! I LOVE holding him, touching him, smelling him...But thinking and writing about that will just make me cry and right now

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