Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Home?

Hello all, it is me again. I am trying to do my part and update this while my wonderful exhausted wife gets some much needed rest. Well the NICU rollercoaster is more like a fun house at the Albion Fair, is it something that is familiar and comfortable because you know what to expect at every turn, which right now is fine by me for my personal sanity. Fionn is stable.......all day, not much improvement BUT no regressions so that but is a very large one. But going back to my Albion Fair metaphor, my mind keeps wandering expecting the worst it is like I am living in my own suspense/horror movie and just when I finally get comfortable and let my guard down to enjoy my beautiful baby boy, the eerie music starts playing in the background. I am truly trying to accept the small victories like he is not on a bed warmer he is regulating his own temp, he is not longer my little elephant and stayed stable on his oxygen level eventhough there is room for improvement he is holding on and no steps backward. Another wonderful site is to see how my wife turns aglow and calm washes over her when he is in her arms even with our limited bonding time he knows who mumma and dad are and that means a lot. It is neat to see how a little bundle that can not speak melt the hearts of so many, this evening Mema and Pop-Pop got there first time holding there little boy and lets say there must have been some hay fever blowing through and I will leave it at that but it was sweet to see. So we are getting ready to transition home......without our boy, Ging is getting discharged home Maggie has tee-ball and dance and there will be multiple trips back and forth through the tubes to see our boy and hopefully get off this ride and bring him home Saturday, that is the plan as long things move forward, that is our goal, and then we can worry about silly things like Fionn and Zilla fighting over my lap. Thanks for all of your well wishes and prayers they are felt, and it is good to know that we are not alone. God Bless, signing off................Greg

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boltefamily said...

Loving you guys and praying without ceasing.

The Bolte Family

Kristy Kibbe said...

Our Prayers are with your€ family, please continue to keep us posted!