Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Day!

Today(Monday's) Highlights

Fionn's first meal: Even though it wasn't much and didn't go as planned, he did get to eat today. That in itself was a small miracle. I had pumped for him on Friday right after I got to a room, and it was supposed to have been frozen down in the NICU for him until he could eat, BUT...SOMEHOW it just got put in the refrigerator and had to be throw out today...So Fionn's first meal was formula even though i've been pumping like a champ all weekend. I had a bit of a slow start, so i had nothing else in reserve for him.
Yes, he even got his first meal through the tube, but at least he got to eat...that's what i keep telling myself. This picture is actually his second feeding i believe. I got to hold him for both. I even think that i got him a little breastmilk mixed in for this feeding with the formula. Only a couple drops, but at least it was there. I'm trying my hardest for him to associate eating with me(or Greg) and I'm trying to hold him for feedings(if the nurse's cooperate) and i'm even trying to convince him to suck the pacifier while we feed him so that he doesn't have as many issues with feeding when we can start!

hanging on to mom: it may not seem like that big of a deal to most of you, but he's holding on to me! He is showing us that even though we've been allowed limited time holding him, he knows who we are. Tonight I walked in his pod(silently), sat down some milk i brought, washed my hands, and then very, very gently and quietly opened one of the doors on his isolette. His eyes never opened, he didn't make a noise, he just lifted his little hand right to me. What a feeling!! Speaking of that feeling, it's time for another feeding so i better wrap this up...

Snuggling with my daddy and sister!
This is only the second time Maggie's gotten to hold him and you can just look at her face and know what this means to her. Thank you Pop-pop for grabbing the camera and snapping these for me, i LOVE them. What a great big sister Maggie is already. I think from the looks of it she's either A:got his little hand or B:trying to hold his pacifier!

getting love!!!

Okay, more soon...Fionn needs to eat, and i have some milk to run down to him. Another half an hour where i get him in my arms!

4 wonderful people say::

Julie said...

I'm so glad he is doing so well. thanks for keeping your blog updated. I check it all day. We love you guys. He's beautiful!

boltefamily said...

I am so glad you guys are getting to hold him and spend time with him! He is so precious. I just love the pictures of Maggie loving on him! You guys are awesome! Please keep us posted! I know it will be hard to be discharged today without Fionn, but it will all be so worth all of this pain in the end.

We are still praying!

Much Love,

Auntshe8 said...

Ginger, Greg, Maggie & Fionn: The pictures are wonderful and so are your smiling faces! I am sorry that I didn't call last night - fell asleep! Hope you have another great day with Fionn!! Love the pictures and love you all. Hope to talk with you sometime today. Love, Aunt She

Kristy Kibbe said...

I love this last pic! How precious is that! We're so happy to hear Fionn is doing well and he's just SUCH a cute baby!!!!! Hugs honey! :)