Saturday, May 24, 2008

Almost Wireless

I'm sorry we did not get to post yesterday, it was a BUSY day to say the least, and Fionn got all my attention! It was a GREAT day though! His night nurse(joyce) suctioned him out Thursday night and got all this gunk out of him, and since that he has NO desats! THANK GOD!
They were so happy with his results that they decided to take him off the pulse ox monitor yesterday, and that was what was keeping him here!! As soon as i got here yesterday things started happening... He had already had his head ultrasound before i got here, and it went well. (All babies that are on the Ventilator in the NICU have to have one before they leave to make sure that there are no little bleeds in the brain.) He went for his little circumcision almost immediatly as soon as we discussed it. The nurse said he took it like a man and never cried...well he cried once the pain meds wore off, that's for sure. My poor little baby! It looks so much better today already and i know it will heal fast! After that he got his last dose of antibiotics at noon(horray) Then he had his hearing test after that, then his shots so it was a traumatic day for him. Last night they took out his IV, so all that's left now are the monitors on his chest. Those will stay on until he gets ready to walk out the door according to the nurses.
Thank you all for your prayers yesterday, it seems they were heard. When i woke up yesterday, i told Greg i just didn't think i could leave him here again, and when i got here the nurse asked if we wanted to nest here last night with him. Basically mom and dad come, they get a room with a nice double bed, tv, bathroom, everything like upstairs has on the regular L&D floor AND you can take the baby(wireless) back there with you...I jumped at the chance, so she checked to make sure there was going to be a room available. I was so excited, i ran out and called Greg so he could start making plans and packing up our bag again!!
The nurse came back with the news that the two nesting rooms were full already, BUT there was a sleeping room we could use. lol, they warned me that it was small, but it didn't matter, i was here and could be with my boy! The only thing different with this room is that it only has a single bed, and a pull out chair, no bathroom, AND Fionn couldn't go back there! BOOOOOOOO
We took it anyway.
Mema and pop-pop drove down in the afternoon so that they could stay with Maggie last night and take her to her T-ball game this morning. Mema finally got to hold Fionn and feed him, so now she and pop-pop are even again.
I guess that catches everyone up so far. Fionn and I are just sitting here relaxing, he's sitting on my shoulder just snoozing away as i type. I can't believe he's finally coming home today!! In just a couple hours we'll be out the door and packed up in the truck! Then HOME! Everyone decorated for us last weekend, and people that go by on a daily basis must think we're crazy(or lazy) because we haven't taken ANY of the decorations down yet. And let me tell you, our house is decorated.
I will have to post more later, time to go wake up Greg and call home with directions for Maggie to go to T-ball!
more to come soon!

2 wonderful people say::

Kristy K said...

Ginger I am so happy today is the day!!! Keeping you all in our prayers! And by the way, Fionn looks EXACTLY like his daddy in the pics below! :)

Brian said...

Greg, Ginger & Maggie,
We're so happy that Fionn was able to come home (and in time for the Pens games, to boot!)! We're excited for you both and for the new addition to the neighborhood. We hope you liked the dinner we sent down...if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask! And don't worry, the decorations are cute and just remind us of how happy of a time this is for you guys. Take care!
Brian & Lauren Catanzarite
151 Clearview