Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2/3rds Came Home Today

Honestly today was one of the toughest days I have ever been faced with, but I rather focus on the positives. So here is the super awesome good news. Fionn no longer has a feeding tube Ging got to nurse him today and then feed him a bottle and .......... he kept the food down so that means the feeding tube is going to stay out. Also he is proving he has some grandpa Hites in him, our son is supposed to have the nasal cannula in place the maintain his oxygen saturations but he is getting stronger and his personality is starting to come out and loves to give us and the nurses fits by removing the tube from his nose and putting it on his forehead. Just thought it was funny. We also had a super wonderful nurse today that just fit with Ging and I's personality and she kept things light and made sure Ging every opportunity to bond with Fionn.
The rest of the day was wicked hard, Ging was given her discharge papers it was the longest walk ever and it felt like all eyes were on us, a Mumma and Daddy with suitcases, bags, balloons, and flowers in toe....but no Fionn. I know that things could be much much worse and I am trying not to complain or whine but my level of anxiety was greatly increased with every step. I tried to move quickly so that I could get Ging into the truck and treat this situation like the proverbial bandaid. Needless to say I tried not to make eye contact with anyone as I tried to sneak out of the hospital all the while I had a oversized balloon that would sing everytime it was bumped so hiding was not an option. We got to the truck and both saw the empty car seat and all bets were off. We were not even out of the hospital and wanted to go back in. Needless to say we made it home I took Maggie Moo to dance class, Mema and Poppop were still at our house Mum was not feeling well (hope you are feeling better now), and Dad was more than willing to take Ging back to hospital so he could see Fionn, and he got to feed him, something that I have not even got to do yet, but I will let it slide, but I am not going to protect him from Mema after she finds out. Ging and I are still taking it moment by moment and trying to see the silver lining everywhere, and want to say thank you to everyone who reads this rambling and offers well wishes and prays because they are felt. thanks again and God bless all of you.

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boltefamily said...

I have been thinking of you guys and praying all day knowing how difficult this day would be for you both.

We love you guys! All of you!

Anonymous said...

hey family!!! We miss you all so much and wish we could be there with you. Please dont stop the blogs, i check them like 10 times a day for new updates and share them with everyone i know. Give both your maggie moo and fiesty fionn hugs from jacob too!!! Love You!!!!!


Mum said...

I love you four and you are always in my prayers. I am very proud to have a brand new grandson!

I love and miss you already!
Hugs, Kisses,Prayers, and Love,

Gramma & Grampa said...

Hi All:

How is our beautiful great grandson doing today? Can't wait to see all of you, we are praying everyday for Fionn and all. Love you very much!

Gramma & Grampa