Saturday, May 17, 2008



Well as most of you already know we got a surprise and today was Fionn's birthday!! Things did not go quite as planned and some complications came up, so they thought that today would be better than tomorrow morning.
Here's the basic's: 6 pounds 11 ounces, 19 1/2 inches long and he was born at 11:11pm!
Here's the background...I was seeing a high risk Ob-Gyn practice here at Magee due to complications with Maggie's birth. Most of you know, but for those of you that don't, i had pre-clampsia with Maggie and ended up having an abruption with Maggie while in labor, hence and emergency C-section! With this pregnancy i have gestational diabetes and it only complicates everything further! They were letting me have him this week to try to avoid the pre-clampsia and further complications....The only catch, i had to have an amnio today(yipee)
Once I got in for the Amnio, they noticed that my (amniotic) fluid levels were getting really low. I had thought Weds. that my water broke anyway, so i was not surprised by this news. They took the test to make sure his lungs were mature(no c-section until next week if they were not) and then they called my doc to let them know that my levels were low...the doc in turn took me back down to the office and did a non-stress test from where we were sent up to Labor and Delivery to have Fionn today!!
We got to the hospital a little before 1 today, and were told that we were scheduled for my c-section at 9, give or take if there was an emergency. Around 8, the doctors came in to talk to us. Fionn's test results were in from the Amnio. The results showed immature still! Then they threw in that at this gestation that if the results were a positive then they were 100% mature, if they were still measuring Immature however, it could more than likely just be a false positive.
And then the kicker....reasons why my levels could be so low when they were fine last Friday. My placenta was probably starting to poop out, as they put it, putting me(and Fionn) in danger. So it became a matter of which was the bigger risk. The lack of fluid won.
The c-section(which did not start until a little after 10) went well, it took them a while to get to him. When they did he came out yelling and they stated that everything looked really good. As they were evaluating Fionn his little cry began to weaken and he started having a little issue with breathing. We had two pediatricians right there in the room with us due to the diagnosis we had received a couple hours ago and they decided that it was best that Fionn went down the NIC-U. They brought him over and amid our tears, i got to touch his little head before the whisked him off.
We had not told the family ahead of time what could happen, just because they were not sure if it would or not, so why worry everyone for no reason. We had just found out a little before they got here and we felt like we would deal with that bridge if we had to cross it...
Well we're now at that bridge, and BEGGING for prayer for our little man. It's 4am, i can't sleep. My son is downstairs in the NIC-U all alone. They told me to just give him some time to sleep and it would do us both good, but unless they drug me, drug me, i'm just sitting her waiting to be allowed to go see him again! I got to kiss him for the first time around 2, and that was only because his nurse took pity on me as i (bawling) was just trying to touch him. They are not really sure what is going on, he's grunting(pretty continuously)and that is a sign of distress in newborns. His chest x-ray looked good, but he still has more tests to do. We MAY get to hold him tomorrow, but that all depends on his breathing throughout the night. Maggie and rest of the family left sometime around 1am and Maggie cried all the way out. Please pray for her, her little gentle heart, all she wanted was to see him, hold him, and kiss him! She is, like the rest of us, pretty scared right now.
Fionn will spend the next two days(at least) in the NIC-U as they are treating him with Antibiotics so he will need to stay there no matter what. They have all kinds of bloodwork out, and really are not sure what is going on. It could just be trauma from the transition of birth and he'll be breathing fine by tomorrow...that's what we're praying for!!
Please pray for our little boy, this was one of the hardest nights of my life, knowing the pain i was feeling, and then watching Greg cry at the same time. He can barely look at him in the NIC-U, not knowing what's going on is killing him. He's finally asleep in the chair beside my bed, but he's not resting comfortably. He's only asleep because his body finally shut off. I'm hoping mine will follow suit soon. I was up at 5:30am yesterday and my brain just won't shut off. I should be holding Fionn right now, trying to fee him, but instead here i am, listenting to Greg sleep and wondering if it's too soon to try to pump some more precious milk for my baby boy!
They should be coming to change my bandages soon, but i can't really feel any pain. The spinal wore off very quickly but my brain isn't really registering anything but Fionn right now!
Okay here they come to check on me, i need to ask about Fionn....i will post more soon...PLEASE pray, PLEASE!!

btw, we are in Magee hospital, room 5307 if anyone wants that information. I'm sure we'll be spending most of our time in the NIC-U but there it is anyone wants it!!

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