Monday, May 19, 2008

Promised first day pictures

I know that this isn't the slide show i promised but here are some more pictures from Fionn's first day!! I'm heading back down to the NICU now so will post more info tonight!

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boltefamily said...

What super pictures but who would expect any less with Ginger for a mommy! I bet he will be the most photographed little boy on the planet! Rightfully so! We are praying for you both as you get sent home without your boy and will also be praying that he will continue to make progress and join you at home very soon! Look out Zilla, here comes Fionn!

Kristy Kibbe said...

Fionn is such a doll baby and Miss Maggie makes such a beautiful big sister! What a precious collage! Keep the pictures coming! Fionn is so handsome, we need more!!
More prayers he's home soon with big sis and mommy & daddy! :)

Nicole A. said...

Hi there,

Ginger, I haven't met you yet, but I hope to someday. I'm sure Greg can tell you that I've known him and his entire family for YEARS - between church, band, and school. Anyway, first off - CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's beautiful (or should I say handsome since he's a boy?!) My opinion is that he looks more like his daddy. I've been following along on your journey and reading your posts daily - praying everything will be fine and that he will be home with you soon. Believe me, I know pretty much what you are going through since my husband & I experienced a lot of it with our first child. He was born 5 1/2 weeks early and weighed only 4lbs 15oz (Fionn is a nice weight so at least he has that going for him!) Chase was not only having problems with his breathing, but also was very jaundice, and was also having much trouble keeping anything down since he had severe acid reflux. We had MANY ups and downs with him - like you have been experiencing and it is such a trying time for everyone. Our little guy ended up staying in the hospital for 8 1/2 extra days; which was so difficult. We would literally spend each and every day at the hospital from early in the morning till dark. He is now 3 years old and is very healthy and quite intelligent - at least we like to think! :o) We just recently (5 weeks ago to be exact) had a baby girl and she came a month early with some complications (in and out of the hospital twice), but is doing much better now. She, too, has acid reflux, but isn't nearly as bad as her older brother, thankfully. Please know that we aren't all that far from you (Chippewa area) and are only a phone call away if you would need anything - ever. I look forward to reading more each and every day and I hope he continues to improve daily as well. Thanks for sharing your story with each of us. Take good care and rest when and if you can!

Love, Nicole (Harayda) Alexander