Thursday, May 1, 2008

T-ball pictures!

T-ball game!
T-ball season has started! These pictures were from their second game last Thursday! Poor daddy worked nights last week, and even though he was done for the week by the time of the game, he was still pretty tired!! Maggie was just happy to have him there. He missed the game Tuesday because of work and she was bummed! I just love how cute the kids are learning to play! Maggie's been filling that spot next to first for the last two games and has started to do well there. She understands to throw the ball to first, and actually stopped a ball with her glove on Tuesday!

We're still working on batting, and we got her a T to practice with this week here at home! She loves going to T-ball and i'll keep updating the pictures! I promise to add a video before long! Between dance, t-ball and finishing the last couple weeks of school, she's a busy girl!!

We had a busy weekend at home, and i'll post some more pictures from this weekend soon! Saturday's baby shower was wonderful, thank you everyone that came! It was good seeing everyone, and Fionn's gifts were amazing!! I can't believe we only have two weeks left! It just blows my mind he'll be here so soon! We were honored to walk Sunday with Howard and Kristy at Walk America and I have some great pics from that as well. Team Isaac and Asher was the largest it's ever been this year, and God willing, will just keep growing every year!

Kristy wrote in an email the other day that they were asked to be the Ambassadors for next year, isn't that amazing! What great things God is doing with their stories!

Maggie's calling so i better go see what's woken her up! More soon...

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