Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting Ready to come home...

Mommy with Fionn...just waiting for our walking papers! So close to going home at this point!

Our last nurse Natalie. This is an RMU nursing in action picture. Natalie also graduated from Robert Morris' Nursing program. She helped get us out of there as quickly as possible Saturday morning. Thanks for all your help Natalie!! It was GREAT getting him home!
In his carseat...Daddy did the happy dance when he brought Fionn's carseat in for him. How great is this picture. We loved putting him in here! We couldn't believe it was finally time to bring him home.

In the truck: I thought this was great. Daddy's sticker was across his blankets as we drove through the south side! Thank God he finally was on his way home!!

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