Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maggie's NEW big girl bike!

New Bike!!
We were planning on giving Maggie her new bike the day she has Pre-K graduation, but the last time we were in Wal-mart there were none there and she sat and cried on a bench for 20 minutes. And yes, they were REAL tears, she was traumatized! We've been looking at the bikes all winter and everytime we go in she has to pick one and try to pedal it. She decided on this bike in December and as the months have gone on she was starting to get antsy. She could finally pedal it so we thought we would surprise her as a graduation present.
Well, obviously our plans changed! We were in Wal-mart last week and she saw another little girl riding it. It was the ONLY one in the store. The little girl's parents weren't sure if they were going to get it or not, so as Maggie looked like she was going to cry, they decided to let her have it!! So we decided that we would just get it now rather than take the chance of it not being there again.
So now we're trying to ride the bike! She did pretty well, only one little fall. She learned quickly where the brakes are. Once we got home she taught "Bluish" her puppy to ride on the "handy-bars" and told him how proud she was of him! It was a fun first ride!!
As you can see she really likes her new bike!!

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