Friday, May 30, 2008

Long week!

I'm sorry we haven't blogged in a few days, it's been one CRAZY week! I forgot how tiring having a newborn actually is! Add his stressful first week to the mix and we're still playing catch up(on time and sleep) He did so great last week in the NICU about being in the isolette and letting me put him down, but all bets were off once we got him home. His favorite place to sleep is on our chests and when we try to put him in the bassinet he wakes up and cries until we pick him back up! So instead we take turns letting him sleep on us at night...Probably not the best plan, but it feels so great having him with us, how do you say no?
He's still been watched pretty carefully by nurses and doctors this week, and i'm happy to say is back up to his birth weight of 6.11 Since Sunday he's gained 5 oz and is still going! His little cheeks are starting to get more round again and i just can't stop looking at him.
We've had quite the week, Fionn made his debut on the world this week, that's for sure. Tuesday was so busy, and he got to meet all of Maggie's friends between dance class and t-ball! He was the star after Maggie's t-ball game, and her two friends Sophia and Grace were so excited to meet him, it was great!
Weds. we had to go find him some clothes, can you believe that one? I thought we were so prepared, but since we assumed he was going to be bigger like Maggie was, we didn't really buy anything little. He had some newborn stuff(thank you again to everyone for the gifts) but even that all is HUGE on him! Sooo now we wait for it to get here! We bought him some stuff online, and we went to one local Gymbo and got him a couple pieces, and mema and pop-pop were wonderful and went to gymbo in erie and picked us up what they had, so i'm hoping when it all gets here we'll have a few more options. His little feet don't even go into the legs of his newborn sleepers yet, so it's fun to try and dress him. Good thing it's been pretty warm out at night so a diaper and a blanket have been okay on a couple nights!!
Today we are headed to the zoo! Maggie is getting very anxious to leave so i guess i better wrap this up. She can't wait to show brother all the animals. We just read that there are new beaver babies and they should be out for her to see. She's on a roll about leaving now, so i better wrap this up!
I will try to catch up on our posts a little later, i'm sorry we've been a little slackerish this week. I guess you can say busy and not slackerish since we have a newborn. Okay off to the zoo we go!
Here are a couple shots from this week!

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ok, is slackerish even a word. LOL. MIss you guys tons. got some news for you... Michelle

Nicole said...

So glad to hear that all is well at the Pittsburgh Hites household and especially that Fionn is doing well(except for not sleeping in his bassinet.) I feel for ya on that one since my little girl has been giving us (me mostly) grief during the daylight hours. She's in a little phase right now where she doesn't like to be put anywhere (awake or asleep) for more than like 10 minutes - ugghh... She's killing me during the day since I'm trying to take care of her big brother; plus get some things done around the house. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to hold her 24/7, but I just can't for obvious reasons. Anyway, I completely understand about you being busy and not having time to post, but I guess we were all a little spoiled with being able to read something new everyday the last week or so. Take good care and good luck with the after dark hours! :o)

Love, Nicole