Monday, March 16, 2009

The Beaver

It's hard to think that one so small and so sweet can do so much damage. But give Fionn 10 minutes alone in his crib, and he's not tired...and well, this is what you get!
(see mema I told you it was bad)

And so it begins!

So Fionn has been channeling his good buddy Ben B. and has tried to eat some very unusual things lately( a pebble, a piece of a candy wrapper that he found, etc) so we've been trying to keep a closer eye on him. It would seem though that his two favorite things to eat are a)newspapers and b) his crib! And just to see how it tastes (I'm hoping), he tried to take a bite out of me today!
Maggie was not a biter, nor was she an eater(of non food items). If I said "ca-ca NO" she got the point...Fionn on the other hand keeps going back to whatever it is that I'm shooing him away from, until I physically have to remove it from his reach. And then there is a tantrum!
I'm pretty sure he's got another tooth getting ready to come through on the bottom, but still! I can't believe how much he chewed his crib today!! We bought some plastic covers to go over the edges, but they only fit the smaller sides (where he chewed today) so instead of taking them back and getting the thicker ones, it looks like now the whole crib is getting a rubber guard! Ugh! So if anyone has any tips, ideas, advice...this is all uncharted territory for me, please share them!!


2 wonderful people say::

Anonymous said...


Hey you! You are NOT suppost to be chewing on your bed or eating things that aren't food. You could get so very sick. Don't be biting Mommy. That's not very nice. Please do not get into that very bad habit.

You are one very fine young boy and I love you with all of my heart and I want you to grow up to be big and strong and healthy.

PS Dad and Mom his mouth is probably hurting from cutting more teeth but it doesn't excuse the bitng. I sure hope he doesn't do it again.

I love you all and hope for a better day today. Mema

boltefamily said...

I wish I had advice, but biting is uncharted territory here too.