Monday, March 16, 2009

Something New

Isn't is amazing how we are more open with some things with the rest of the world, than we are with our friends and family?

To the rest of the world, I have made no qualms about my battle with weight, the struggle to take off what it took me FIVE years to put on. I've told close family what i'm doing, but not even a lot of friends know how hard I've been fighting this Spring. Yet, I've shared what I'm doing with complete strangers, other women who are fighting the same fight I am. So here it is...I'm fighting...everyday. And yes it's a battle! I guess I havn't said too much to friends because I was too afraid to fail. Well, i'm too far in now to even think that's a possibility, so now it's time to be realistic.
And to start helping others with their fight as well. I've come to realize that this isn't a diet, it's a whole change of the way we live, and no one in my family has not been affected. To help in our fight, we have given up things like fast food, soda, peanut butter and others for Lent. While Lent is only temporary this also brings to light that we CAN live without these things, they are not a necessity to live. Too often I think we fall into these ruts where we think that we HAVE to have some of these things, but realistically we CAN re-train our bodies to let them go!

For me it was Pepsi. Ohhh....just sitting here thinking of it makes my mouth water, and it's been since January since i've had one. It still has that effect on me. When I started WW, I made myself switch to diet, and let me tell you I HATE DIET...but it's ZERO points, so despite how much I liked or disliked it, i drank it anyway...Then Lent came, and we gave up Fast food as a family, and then Greg gave up Peanut Butter(which is a daily staple for him) so I decided to make more of a sacrifice...the soda had to go. Not just diet pepsi, ALL soda. I had a dream last week about drinking soda, how sad is that?

So, there it is, now it's out there...I'm letting the whole world know officially(well those of you that happen to read our blog anyway) that this is the year for me to become more healthy, and to drop some of this weight that is wearing me down. I can't wait to feel like my old self again, to wear clothes that I actually like again! For jeans to be comfortable again, that is my wish! I had a big day yesterday. I actually now can wear again some pre-Fionn pants, and that was cause for celebration! Realistically I've lived in sweat pants for months(they don't judge) and am so happy to wear my own clothes again!! It's taken me 2 months, but finally it's starting to show!
In case you are wondering, I'm down 21 pounds. I started on January 3rd, so I think I'm working at a good pace!

So now here is my WW tip of the day:

My favorite Breakfast (and it's only 2.5 points)
1/4 cup of Egg-beaters (1 point)
1/8 cup of shredded cheese(2% of course)(.5 points)
topped with diced cherry tomatos (0 points)
2 slices of light wheat toast (1 point)

I even throw in a glass of Dole's Orange Peach Mango juice (3 points) to get 3 fruit/veggie servings out of breakfast alone so for a whopping 5.5 points I get all of this for breakfast!!

For all of you also fighting this good fight, Amber is starting a new weekly series...Weigh In Wednesdays. If you follow the button on the left(or just click on her name), you will link to her blog(which cracks me up) and we can all do this together!! So good luck, let me know how you all are doing! What was your hardest thing to let go of, and how did you do it?


2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

Sounds like a good plan! I just got back from an hour and fifteen minute walk/jog and it feels GREAT! I have been quite annoyed that I gained weight even though I "gave up" Diet Coke at the beginning of Lent as well as "mostly" given up snacking between meals and sweets and have eaten more high fiber, whole grain foods, fruits, and vegetables. Apparently the "mostly" hasn't been enough so far...three more weeks left of "Lent", but hopefully I too will make a "lifestyle change" with the changes in Lent. sort of mixed up your "blog friends" is Amber who is doing "Weigh In Wednesdays". Funny you should mention that because I "happened" upon her blog just last night/early this morning through a link from your blog list (and HAD to comment on the post about how your "blog friends" would find out if something happened to you!) Also, I HAVE been called Amber a time or two, so it's "all good" :o) You did get the link right, so are sending people to the correct place.

Congrats on the 21 pounds...that is GREAT! (I've never seen you in person but you already look pretty darn good to me! One of my new "blog friends" told me I was "tiny" which made me laugh out loud...short, definitely, but no where near tiny! I may need to join Amber (and you) to make myself more accountable :o) )

Wow that is a SUPER long comment, but you already knew that I was "long-winded" ha ha!

Take care,

boltefamily said...

I will surely be joining you after the baby arrives! I am feeling awful about myself, but the doctors were very clear that I wasn't to try and lose weight during pregnancy...though I could make healthy choices, I still need my full amount of calories! UGH! Five babies in five years does a number on the figure!