Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fionn loving the Pengquins

Here is the promised penguin video from the zoo. As you will hear it's almost time for the PPG Aquarium to close and Maggie started to get ansty. I don't know if she thought they would lock us in for the night or what, but she was having a fit about getting out of there!! Enjoy Fionn checking out the Penguins!


2 wonderful people say::

Just Me said...

The Omaha Zoo has an awesome aquarium and I love to watch the penguins (I don't go to the zoo NEAR as often as I should!) It isn't really something I think about doing on my days would be a nice "outing" although not quite as much fun alone.

I had to giggle when I heard you say "Maggie...calm down." Would it have been SO bad to have gotten stuck at the zoo?! I've never met anyone by the name of "Fionn" and it was good to hear how you say that...silent "o"...thanks for educating me :o)

Take care.

Lauren said...

I love the penguins! They're my favorite part :-)