Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pink in the Morning...

Sailors warning!

Ahhh, gotta love that old saying. And yes, it always comes true! Grrrr!! Sure enough the almost clear sky clouded up and it was raining by 11am. No i did not have Maggie wear her rain coat to school OR take an umbrella, so even though I met her at the bus at 11:40am with one, she was still not so happy with me!
This is pretty much Maggie's post, she wanted to share our beautiful sunrise with everyone. In her mind any morning that starts out pink HAS to be a great day! She was so excited as she looked out my bedroom window this morning and all she could see was a pink sky. Arn't kids great? I had to RUN to get the camera to take a picture of the pink sky.
What happened to Spring is what I want to know?
Tulips pushing up...check
Trees starting to bud...check
Robins bopping all around...check, check
Warm weather..uhhh. not so much
It is deceptively cold outside, and we don't like it one bit! As I sit here and write this I am realizing the need for another layer of clothes! Oh well, it will come soon enough and I'll be begging for the AC then!

On a side note, our friends The Bolte's could really use some prayer. Some things have come up, and once again faithful friends, I'm on my knees for them. Won't you join me? The details of what is happening are all available over at their blog, just follow the link above. Thank you all for helping us lift them up to the Lord, to help them when they need it the most.
All our love


3 wonderful people say::

Nicole said...

Beautiful pics! Hard to believe those came from your neck of the woods - lol! I totally agree with you on the temps - brrrr... is all I can say. Just so you know, I seem to be struggling these days (doesn't help that my husband's STILL not talking to me - so I'm just givin' it back to him - WHATEVER!!!!) It must BE the weather. Spring, please come SOON! Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Here's a little chuckle for ya... Chase told me last night that the Pastor at the church he goes to Preschool's name is Pastor Pingel. Well, he said he accidentally wants to call him Pastor Pickle!!!!!! Ha ha ha! :o) Hope that brought a smile to you face!

Just Me said...

Those are pretty pictures...and, any day that starts with pink has at least one good thing in it :o) The sun was shining today, but it definitely was a little deceptive. It is, however, currently 50 degrees so it did warm up quite a bit! And, it looks like the weatherman has moved the forecast for snow on Friday to early next week, so maybe you will get some good temps this weekend as well :o)

I'm ready for spring to come and stay for a while too!

Take care.

Aunt She said...

I love the pictures! So beautiful - I agree with Ms. Maggie about her pronouncement and being happy with God's creation! So wonderful -Spring is just around the corner; you will see it sooner than we will up here! lol

Love you all - have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend together!