Saturday, March 28, 2009

Curls, Curls everywhere!

Fionn's hair has been growing like CRAZY since around Christmas, so i thought it was time to show off just how curly it's been getting! Maggie's hair curled too when she was a baby, but she had no where near as much as he does already. If he was a girl, i'd have lots of hair for piggies and barrettes already, but since he's a boy, we just slap a hat on him and let it go crazy! Greg says that it's bad luck to cut a baby's hair before their first birthday (not like I was intending to) but we'll wait a little while longer anyway. These were taken right after his bath Thurday night!

Here it is, lol, look at that look on his face...he was sleepy and just being a somber boy while playing before bed!

a good back shot, you can really see it curling up

riding on his snail, another great Snuggle Bug purchase last year!

mom, really...i can multi-task! He did not want to get off his snail, but wanted to play with his blocks too!

Playing blocks! Getting really sleepy now!

There he is folks, can you believe we're less than SEVEN weeks away from his birthday?? I sure can't! Oh my! I guess I better get planning! Have a great weekend everyone, I know we're going to try! Mema's coming down for the day tomorrow, and the kids are really excited!!

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Lauren said...

I know girls (myself included) would would do anything for those curls!!! Lucky kid!