Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cold trip to the zoo

Okay seriously people, did no one notice the date?? It was a test, lol and not one person said a thing about it! I'm not really that daft...yes i work late into the night, but come on! ;-) If you were all just trying to be polite, thank you, but you can say something about it! Please tell me when I make a mistake, it's the only way to learn!
So last weekend we decided to trek off to the zoo. Unlike our friends and family (in Erie) who have to deal with their zoo closing in the winter, ours stays open year round. It was a beautiful day, a bright and balmy 36 degrees, with just a bit of nip in the off we went! I can't say enough about our awesome (and bright orange) Schwinn jogger that I found for a steal (brand new) on Ebay last fall! It has a built in rain/wind cover that just zips and un-zips Fionn into his own little warm cocoon. So he and goo-goo (his polar bear webkin that he cannot live without) were all snuggly nose to nose inside. Not to mention the ten pounds of fleece blankets that surrounded them, lol. I was really excited to take him to the zoo this time. We havn't been in months, which is a travesty in Maggie's eyes, and he is big enough now to really check things out.

He wasn't sure where to look first when we got there! Once we got moving and warmed up, we took him in and out so he could really see the animals. He wasn't sure what to make of the Tiger or the Rhino, but dug checking out all the Elephants in their new "family" room. Those are the pictures above where he's standing at the glass. In the monkey house he thought he could just "bang away" on the glass of all the exhibits to get their attention...sorry didn't quite work. I have a great video of him in PPG Aquarium in front of the penguins that I will post tomorrow. He loved all the fish in the Aquarium and I can't wait to take him back when we have a little more time. We only had about 15 minutes to stroll through the Aquarium before it closed for the day, so there is still lots for him to explore there. The new Tiger shark exhibit is open, and I won't lie, they're a little creepy (yet cool at the same time) The way they can swim right up to the glass, and you are literally just inches away from those teeth! Blahhh!! Creepy!
We had so much fun and can't wait to head back again. And yes I am aware that this post does NOT contain that many pictures of Maggie, but really we have soooo many pictures of Maggie at the zoo, and I did take lots of her on this trip as well, that this post is about Fionn's first real reaction to the animals at the zoo! Hope you enjoy!
where's Fionn??

our pretty pretty princess!

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Nicole said...

Love all the pics! He looks so big standing up against the glass like he is - our babies are growing too fast! I like the last picture of Maggie - so pretty!