Friday, March 13, 2009

For our Princess

As we continue to get closer to Fionn's first birthday, it has caused me to look back at Maggie's first year as well. With everything that we do with Fionn, she has questions whether she did those things as well, so we always talk about it and look at pictures. The funny part is, I remember the stories, remember her, but am already losing the every day baby Maggie...this is exactly what you were like at this age kinda thing...we see her as our big grown up girl now instead of that big eyed baby that she has evolved from.
I found it fitting, since we are documenting Fionn's life on the blog, to also add in baby Maggie. They are alike in so many ways, yet so drastically different at the same time. I won't get into comparisons here, this will be the longest post ever written if I did, all I will say is it amazes me how fantastic they are TOGETHER. I know I say it all the time, but they just LOVE each other. They love to be near each other, to play with each other. They crack themselves up, no momma needed!
I'm sure as Fionn grows there will be other sildeshows of Maggie at other stages of her life, but for now I hope you enjoyed these. She truly was a fabulous baby!


4 wonderful people say::

Anonymous said...

You sure were a beautiful baby and now a beautiful little girl.
Love and Miss you,

Aunt She said...

Oh, the memories!! It seems only yesterday when she was born and here she is at the beginning of her schooling years and becoming the amazing young lady she is and is to be!

I cried, smiled and laughed while watching the slideshow; Maggie has that affect on me!! Love you Sweetie.

Fionn, you and Momma did a great job editing the pictures and putting them together! Aunt She loves you so very much! Take care!

Thank you for the memories!!

Just Me said...

Aww, so sweet...I'm sure she loved looking at all those pictures of herself as a baby, especially since she is old enough to see how much Fionn has grown this year.

Have a great day!

Hilary said...

Tooooo cute!!!