Thursday, March 19, 2009

Schenley Park

Yesterday since it was so sunny and warm we picked up Maggie from school and decided to go on an "adventure". Our adventures usually start out with one destination in mind, and end up somewhere totally different! We thought we would try to go to the zoo, but as we got the kids out of the truck after we got there, they closed the admission gate and would not let us in. We were there on time, just not quick enough to get IN on time, grrrrr! This is the second time this has happened in the last month! So we started driving, no real direction in mind, and ended up at Schenley Park. We stopped at the playground, which had trails behind it, so after the kids played for a bit, we headed down the trails to see where they went! We had so much fun! We took the lower trail and it went down to the bottom of the gorge basically, and Maggie loved looking up at all the cliffs and different things on the hills around us. Fionn didn't care where we went as long as we kept the mini-goldfish coming!
It was a nice way to spend the afternoon together. The playground was a hit since it was the first time Fionn got to swing. He loved it, but then again he loves anything outside!! It's another beautiful day again, so i'm off to go spend time with the boys!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!

I am so glad you all had a wonderful day at the park. That's great quality family time spent together. I'm happy for you.

We have some snow this morning and it is a lil' cold but it is now Spring! YIPEEE!

All my love MEMA