Friday, January 2, 2009 did you come so fast?

How is it possible that 2008 has come and gone? This time last year, well life was completely different...Most of you have been here for the whole ride, so you know all the changes. It just blows me away that this year is starting off in the midst of yet another small crisis.
I know, in my heart, that no matter what happens with Greg, everything will be fine. Our lives will be changed forever from this diagnosis one way or another, but we will get through it. We gave it ALL to God almost as soon as we became a couple, realizing that through the craziness of our relationship beginning, that only through him would it be possible. So that is what we will continue doing. He has been the captain of this crazy ship so far, so why not trust him now?
In light of the situation we are in, a new situation has arose. We have been going back and forth now for months, and had pretty much decided that we were done having children. I just could not see myself having another within the next two years, and then after that...well, from poddy trained to diapers again a third time, let's not lie, it wasn't going to happen. Greg had discussed and volunteered to get a "snip" and we agreed that when the time was right, that would be the course of action we would take.
Now this situation has arose, and there is something about it that I'm not frightened about. God in his own way, has already told me that this isn't it for us. It seemed odd at the time, in October, when this name just *popped* in my head and I knew that we were going to have another baby. I've struggled with that thought, told myself over and over again that there was no way, that it was just hormones. I discussed it with Greg and we've been mulling it over...we agreed to give it one month(and i will keep that month a secret) and if it happened it happened, if not, well then it was not God's plan. These conversations all happened in October...then the news came last month. Greg was so upset, and even though I was scared for him, there has been a calmness washing over me throughout this entire process. Even if not now, even if the baby is not biologically ours, I feel the presence of the Lord telling me we will make Fionn a big brother one day.
So my hopes for 2009 are: good health for Greg, and some much needed rest for him as well. To watch ours and our wonderful friends children grow, to watch them all blossom into the beautiful little beings they have already begun to be. To laugh, to love, and to continue praising GOD for all the beauty and goodness in our lives. Thank you for continuing to follow our journey, the best is yet to come!!

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Happy New Year Hites family! We love you!