Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Fionn

It was pointed out that I've not mentioned how Fionn is doing, so I thought that I better get that done. Wednesday was his worst day(even including the day of surgery) so far and it looks like we're on the up-swing now. Monday he was groggy from the anesthesia, so he slept most of the day. When he was awake he was fine until it was time to change his diaper. I could tell when the spinal wore off though, he was asleep and woke up screaming. A little love from momma and things were all better again.
Tuesday was not so bad, except the diaper changes. And of course, all the IV fluids have made him poo like nobody's business, so we've had lots of diaper changes. When they did the surgery, they put a little "cap" on it, it looked like a piece of saran wrap to cover it so that it wasn't rubbing against his diaper. It fell off on Tuesday night right before bed, and let's just say you could tell yesterday that he was really feeling it now...We thought about filling the prescription for the Tylenol with codeine, but gave it some time and let the normal Tylenol kick in.
Today was not so bad, he flinches when you change his diaper, and tries to squirm away, but for the most part he's doing much better. On Saturday he can have a bath again, so we'll make it a nice long one and let him play for a bit with some new bath toys that he got. Unfortunately, not too long as we don't want to risk any kind of infection. He should be all healed up within the next two weeks completely.
He's had a lot of attention this week from both Greg and I, so he's reveling in it. Greg is only in class this week, no work, and his class only runs until noon everyday so he's been here to help keep Fionn occupied. Maggie is also loving having daddy here as he's taken her to school in the morning all week before leaving for class so that Fionn and I don't have to venture out in the cold. Thank you daddy, we appreciate it! Tomorrow evening Mema and Pop-pop are coming down for the weekend, so the loving will continue(for both kids) Thank you all for all the prayers and support for our little guy, they have been felt!!

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