Friday, January 30, 2009

More Pictures

It was interesting yesterday just going out and shooting around our yard...When I took the first set of pictures that I posted before, the ice was still pretty solid. By noon when I went out again, it was slushy and starting to melt. We went and ran some errands and by the time we got back, SNOW was covering all the ice...and it was still falling at a good clip. And yes, just by looking at poor Maggie you can tell she's sick. She was out with me(as you can see) for the first round of shots before we left, then we made her stay inside after we got home. Poor girl is not any better, and is still pretty miserable. Please pray that the fever stays low, and this does not develop into anything more serious. She only gets the fever at night, last and tonight, and during the day she's miserable...She landed in my bed about an hour ago(4am) and is complaining of a headache and neck pain. And her temp is starting to creep back up! So i'll wait and check her again at 7am before we decide about school today! So if you could, say a little prayer for her today!!

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Holly said...

Wow sounds like you have freezing weather! I hope your daughter feels better soon!