Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It is just one word, but when it comes from your child in the middle of the night...you know trouble is a brewing...Yes, you all know exactly what I mean...
It means that no matter how tired you are, how little sleep you were already going to get, you now will be lucky to get any.
It was around 2:30am this morning when I heard the first call come out. It was weaker than normal, so I waited again, thinking maybe it was just in my head. Then the outburst of coughing came, then again...stronger this time "Mommmmeeeee"
She didn't really sleep from that point on...she drifted in and out from the comfort of mommy and daddy's bed. I pulled her out of her room so as not to wake up Fionn, because well really, that would have been too much for me to deal with at 3am! I turned on the Vaporizer in our room AND the waterless Vicks machine and let them try to work their magic. They are wonderful combination that usually get clear up Fionn when he gets congested within two days! By 4, we agreed that it was time for a little medicine. Of course we're out of Mucinex(which i also LOVE) so just the regular dye free Tussin would have to work...
5am came, 6am, then 7. still coughing and complaining...well there goes the plan for school. She has gradually started getting warmer throughout the night and day today, so we're praying for that to cease. IF she develops a fever than it means it's bacterial and no school.
We took her and Fionn both in today(Fionn for his monthly Synagis shot) and Maggie to get checked out. Maggie was diagnosed with an Upper Respitory Infection and my little Fionn weighed in at a whopping 19.5 pounds! He gained almost two pounds since New Years Eve! They said that the way he's growing he will not need the Synagis next season, so let's keep our fingers crossed...It seems everytime he's in the Dr.s Office he's getting a shot of some kind!
So that is where we are right now at 12:50pm. Just another crazy Tuesday.
On a side note, we're asking for Prayer right now for Howard and Kristy as they head off to see their beautiful little one again today! This Ultra-sound is the one that Kristy has been dreading. I pray that they feel the hand of God on them today as they head into their appointment! We also pray for rest for Kristy, and healing for poor little Ben. My heart goes out to you my friend, wrestling a two year old to take medicine is never fun!!
More later, time to make Maggie some lunch!

2 wonderful people say::

boltefamily said...

Hoping Maggie feels better soon...I feel your pain! Have you ever tryed Delsym? We find it works pretty well for Luke.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Nicole said...

19lbs!!!!!!! What are you feeding that boy?! That's incredible!!!

I'm a little late reading this post, but hope & pray that Maggie is feeling much better by now and that no one else got sick.

Take good care!