Saturday, December 27, 2008

Truly Blessed

We just want to send a big "THANK YOU" to all our family(and friends) who we got to spend our brief, but beautiful Christmas with!! This year was truly special, and Greg and I talked all the way back to Pittsburgh about what a wonderful year it has been for us.
I know that times are hard, on everyone, right now, and that there have been some major hiccups and snags for us over the last year, we're still right in the middle of our newest hiccup, but thanks to all of you, we've never felt more loved. We tried to do Christmas a little bit smaller this year, as I'm sure most of you did, but made sure that that Maggie understood the real reason of the season.
She knows about Jesus birth, and that THAT is the real reason for Christmas, but this year we wanted her to understand that GIVING is more important that getting. I know for a 5 year old that can be a little difficult, with so many people "giving" you presents, but we really pushed to her that what we receive is not nearly as important as what we give.
As brief as our stay was, we just want all of you to know, that we have received the best Christmas gift ever, just by being loved by all of you. I hope we have also returned that love so you all know how important you are to us!! I feel a little cheesy writing all that, but knowing you're out there, reading, following our lives, taking a part in it, and loving us, makes us happier than you know!! We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!
Here are a couple funny pictures of the kids from our quick trip home!!Maggie "defending" the milk and cookies...that boy was bound and determined they were for him...Oh, and pop-pop, Santa called...he was NOT a fan of the flax-seed cookies after all!!

Fionn and daddy before bed Christmas eve...

Christmas morning...real smiles from both of them as Maggie shows Fionn how to play in the wrapping paper!

Fionn not too sure about being buried in the wrapping paper!!

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