Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Slacker

I can honestly tell you that since Christmas I have not taken any pictures of my kids...i know, before you all start hunkering down as this must be a sign of the world ending, we've been too busy enjoying each others company(and yes the new Wii might have something to do with it) to actually write a real post OR to take any pictures!
So I'm going old-school on ya...well at least a couple months...Thank you Kristy, you inspired me to actually look around at some pictures I threw in a folder and forgot! SO here are a couple more from Courtney's wedding this summer...For all you family members out there that might want a copy of any of them, or any of the pictures on this blog, just double click and it will blow up. Right click and save as, and there you now have a copy! ( I know i didn't need to tell you Mema, it was for others ;-)

So without further ado, here are a few that stole my heart as I went back and looked through...the bug with her Mema...playing on a bench waiting to go to the reception...

My handsome men, at the reception.

Caught off guard, it does not happen that often, as they know I'm lurking with the camera...Just look at her, this one melts my heart!Daddy giving Fionn smooches at the reception

Little Gramma with Fionn. I just love this one, period.

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