Sunday, January 4, 2009

Short, but important...

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to put a quick post together to let everyone know that tomorrow(7:45am) is Fionn's surgery...Nothing major, poor little guy needs to be re-circumcized but he still needs to be put under for it.
We know that it is just a small procedure, but we are asking for prayer none the least. With his lungs still bring pre-mature when he was born, we are nervous about the anesthesia. If there was another way to do it with a local we would probably be less nervous, but they said that they have to put him under.
I know we havn't said anything about this lately to a lot of people, we were just waiting for the time to get closer, and trying not to worry. Well the day snuck up on us, and now it's less than 12 hours away. I know that both Greg and I are balls of nervous energy tonight, and we're really trying not to let that pass on to either Maggie or Fionn.
Maggie is going over to the neighbors for breakfast and they are sweet enough to walk her down to the bus since we have to be there bright and early and she is excited about that, but we know that she's also very worried about Fionn at the same time. So if you say an extra prayer for her in the morning, it would probably help her get through the day a little easier.
We will update everyone in the morning on how he's doing. I'm sure he's going to be pretty sore tomorrow, but we're praying that's the worst of it!! Thank you all, for always keeping us in your thoughts and prayers when we need you the most!

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Nicole said...

Poor little guy! OUCH! I will definitely be praying for all of you. I'm sure the next week or so will be trying with him being sore still and dealing with diaper changes especially. I pray he doesn't have any trouble with being put under. Please keep us updated when you can!

Lots of love & prayers, Nicole

Lauren C. said...

So glad Fionn is doing well! Having Maggie this morning was a trip!!! She was pretty sleepy but seemed to have a good time with her oatmeal, milk, cartoons and the cats. She even gave us the "recipe" for rice krispie treats ("cereal", marshmallow", "brian", "lauren", "maggie, "cats") so we can "make them anytime. Getting her on the bus was a breeze. We were happy to help out. She cracked us up. :-)