Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Bye Christmas tree

(if you click on the picture it will get bigger)
We have been talking all week about our holiday decorations coming down, and today was the day. I was upstairs on the phone and I came down to Greg having most of the ornaments off the tree already. I held Fionn (so he would not run through the quickly falling needles in his jeep) and Greg and I debated the best door for the tree to go out...When I tell you those needles were falling off fast, i mean they are EVERYWHERE now. So if we go out the front door, then I would have had to move furniture in the living room to get it out, AND then the mess would be all over my living room too! So then we talked about the back door, and while Greg was talking angles, i was dumb enough to say"why don't you just throw it out the window?"
My husband takes me seriously, and while I'm on the phone with Mema goes and gets a saw and starts cutting branches off the bottom to make it fit!! He then picks up the tree, stand and all, and SHOVES it out! He did clean up the mess on the wall and a good part of the needles before he went outside and drug the tree out back. Our tree is leaning against the garage now hopefully keeping a couple little birds warm in this cold!
We continued to clean up our tree mess and Maggie already started putting up her "love day" window clings. Our screen door is completely frozen so she was a little bummed that we would NOT be putting clings on there...And when I say frozen, i mean FROZEN(like our pipes again this morning) The picture below is our door knob, on the INSIDE of the screen door!! Slippers, hats and an extra layer was enforced in our house today! We hope you all are keeping warm as well! We are headed home Saturday morning for a long weekend, so it will be quiet here for a few days!! Until then.

2 wonderful people say::

Lauren said...

The next time Greg decides to shove a tree out the window, please promise you'll call us!!! :-)

Aunt She said...

I love it! I am still laughing! Good going Greg! Thank you for sharing the event!