Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, everywhere!

Good thing we got new tires over the weekend! yep, that's how I'm starting this post since we've gotten more snow this week than i think the whole winter combined so, I'm sure I'm exaggerating...we have had quite a bit in the last two weeks, but still NOTHING compared to what ya'll have had in Erie County!
We don't really get "snow" snow here...ours is always accompanied by ICE, and that's where driving gets tricky. One road down the street is now blocked off when it gets icy after a car slid down it, bounced off the guard rail, and landed 6 feet up in the trees of the walking path right below, bricks, hills...get the picture? Now no more about how Pittsburgh people can't drive in the ;-)
Maggie is coughing worse this morning, but since they canceled school AGAIN, she has an extra day to try and get better! They are so funny about canceling school down here...almost everyone had a two hour delay as of 11pm last night, and then by 7am, it was canceled...I understand why, but it's still odd for school to actually be canceled when we have under 6 inches of snow on the ground...A lot of kids ride the bus, city buses too, and take the city steps (which are never maintained) to catch those buses...And this morning, yea, it's really ICY out! But still, i bet our kids have been off more days this winter than any school district in Erie County, and there have been FEET of snow dumped up there this winter!!
Here are a couple pictures I snapped from our 2nd floor windows...I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts, hanging out windows taking pictures of ice, lol...but it's just so pretty. I only wish the sun was out to make it all glisten. Instead I have to deal with gloomy freezing rain...THEN today, back to all should be fun!

the holly tree in our back yard...the ice looks beautiful on it!

Look what I found when I looked closer at the tree!

She turned around to get a better look at me, not at all bothered by me snapping pictures of her...I figured it was time to shut the window, as it looked like she was thinking my office looked cozier than this branch...

the telephone line leading into the back of the house

generally all you can see is houses out our bathroom window, not today!

the top of one of our trees out front...taken from my bedroom window

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